Student Employment

Desk Assistant (DA):

Enjoy getting to know people on campus?  Desk Assistants are at the fore-front of the residence halls and serve a multitude of functions, including: safety, security, and providing a welcoming face while at our residence hall front desks.

The DA’s are the first point of contact our residents have when they walk in! With that in minds, DA’s manage all check-ins, distribute mail/packages, and most importantly help create community for our students!

Desk Assistants are also responsible for educating residents on University policy and helping to ensure their safety in their home! 


Must be a Full Time student in good academic and social standing with the university. Completed a semester at UAH (first-semester freshmen may apply).  Most recently completed semester GPA and cumulative GPA must be at least 2.0.

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Conference Assistant (CA):

Do you enjoy problem solving and interacting with people of all different backgrounds? Our conference assistants serve an incredible crowd of clientele over the summer.  All University guests are of widely diverse backgrounds that range from children to adults, as well as local and international travelers.

As part of the Conference Assistant team, you are also a part of the Housing and Greek Life Staff. Conference Assistants provide guests with a warm welcome, as well as friendly, quality, timely service.  Job Description.


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Resident Assistant (RA):

Do you have passion for making connections and building community?  Those selected for the RA position are trained to be leaders, role models, problem solvers, and knowledgeable about on campus resources.

RA’s work diligently to build positive relationships with residents through programming, hall meetings, visiting rooms, being a friendly face, and more! RA’s stimulate academic and social growth by creating a positive and uplifting environment.

RA’s are also tasked with helping keep their residents safe and informed about all college policies!



Student Assistant Maintenance Staff (SAMS):

Do you enjoy working with residents and interacting with building staff? 

SAMS perform minor maintenance work orders all over campus, dependent on the needs of the residents! In this position you will work scheduled hours assisting the Maintenance Staff in the different residence halls doing a multitude of different tasks.  As a SAMS you will assist in managing inventory of building supplies, submit work orders if necessary, and submit paperwork if required. 

Requirements for the position include: Full Time student in good academic and social standing with the University.  Most recently completed semester GPA and cumulative GPA must be at least 2.25.  Prior experience is a plus!

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