The Honors College thrives through the efforts of many volunteers -- faculty, staff, students and alumni -- who support and attend our activities throughout the year. We welcome your involvement in a variety of settings.

We'd love to hear from you! Send us your information by emailing us at

You can help the College in the following ways:

  • Give a one-hour talk for the Honors Lecture Series
  • Agree to contact one or more prospective Honors students who are applying to UAH for the first time
  • Help sponsor an Honors internship at your company or organization
  • Offer us advice and guidance on how to improve the College's programs
  • Make a gift to the Honors College

If you'd like more information, contact the Honors Office


The Honors College values its alumni -- Honors graduates and participants whose efforts have made the program a prestigious and valuable asset to UAH. We encourage you to keep in touch with the university and the Honors College in particular, to let us know what you're doing and to let us know how we can better serve student needs -- past, present and future. Feel free to email us at