Honors Mentor Program


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The Honors Mentor Program is an ever-changing, ever-evolving aspect of the Honors College.  The mission of the Honors Mentoring Program is to assist the needs of incoming Honors students, both academically and socially, by providing guidance, confidence and a welcoming community feel during their transition into the Honors College community and the UAH campus.

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Honors mentors will help their freshmen mentee "families" acclimate to college life and become familiar with the Honors College.  Mentors will play an important part in introducing new Honors students to Honors life on campus and getting them involved.  Honors mentors will show mentees around campus, introduce them to other Honors students, answer questions about the Honors College, participate in special activities and share their experiences since coming to UAHuntsville.  

We in the Honors College feel that having a mentor will help Honors Freshmen better adjust to their first year of college and better understand what the Honors College is about.  After all, it’s about excellence! 

Benefits for Freshmen:

1. Give freshmen a chance to develop a relationship with an experienced upper class Honors student who shares their major/minor

2. Builds confidence and eases the transition from high school to college life

3. Great opportunity to get involved with the Honors College and the UAHuntsville community

4. Offers a number of social and educational events in which to participate

 Benefits for Mentors:

1. Great leadership experience!

2. Great way to get involved with the Honors College and the UAH community

3. Opportunity to pass on your knowledge and experience gained in the Honors College