The following summarizes the requirements for receiving the Honors Diploma. See below for information on the Honors Certificate. The Honors College Dean is responsible for determining fulfillment of the requirements. The Dean may grant exceptions to the requirements only when there are extraordinary circumstances.

This is a summary; the complete requirements are found in the Honors College Handbook. Students may want more help in completing the Honors Diploma. See Honors Advisement for college-specific advice and other information.

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Honors Diploma Requirements

Honors Certificate Requirements

Students who want to participate in the Honors College but who may not be able to complete the entire 24-hour Honors credit hour requirement have the choice to pursue the Honors Certificate of Completion of Upper-Level Requirements. Please contact the Honors Office first; you may still be able to complete the full Honors Diploma. Requirements for the Certificate are as follows:

  • 12 semester hours of Honors courses

    • 3 hours from any 300 or 400 level course (or Honors Contract)
    • Must include an approved Honors Thesis (3 hours)
    • An additional 6 hours of Honors coursework (Any level)

Staying in the Honors College

In order to remain in the Honors College in good standing, you must maintain a 3.25 overall GPA. You must have an overall 3.25 to graduate in the Honors College. Any exceptions must be approved in writing by the Dean.

At the end of each fall and spring semester, all Honors student records will be evaluated for compliance with the above standards. Students who do not meet the standards will be placed on a probationary status in the Honors College. This status will last until the end of the next semester (not including summer). If a student still does not meet the standards at that time, then we will change your standing to "inactive" and you will lose all privileges associated with membership in the Honors College. In order to be re-instated, you must meet with the Dean and re-apply.

Students whose standing may be in jeopardy are encouraged to meet with the Honors Office to develop a plan that will ensure their continued good standing.