Advisement in the Honors College

A student in the Honors College may pursue any major in any college. It is important for students to get accurate and timely information on a regular basis as they pursue their Honors courses. The Honors Office is the best source of information about the overall program, but we rely on many faculty and staff members to provide complete advice with respect to individual majors, programs and degrees.

Students may meet with the Honors College Coordinator for Honors advisement at any time. To schedule an Honors advisement appointment, please click this link:


Student Advisement

Students in the Honors College should seek Honors advisement as soon as they have been admitted and are on the campus. There are several ways to get advice about the Honors curriculum.

  • Freshmen Orientation - Freshmen orientation is required for all first time students. The Honors College holds an information/advisement session during orientation. Freshmen Honors students are required to attend one of these Honors sessions. You do not have to pre-register for the Honors session at orientation. Please check your orientation schedule for location and time.
  • One on One Advisement - Honors students are required to meet with the Honors Office once per academic year for Honors advisement. You may be contacted in various ways by the Honors Office, or you may schedule a meeting on your own. Freshmen and Seniors typically meet in Fall and sophomore and juniors typically meet in Spring.  However, you are welcome to come in and talk anytime!
  • College advisors can help you fit Honors courses into your schedule. Be sure to let them know you're an Honors student! If you need to verify your Honors status, please contact the Honors Office.
  • College-specific worksheets - The Honors College has college-specific worksheets that can be used informally to keep track of a student's progress toward their Honors Diploma requirements. These can help you meet the Honors requirements for your major:
Business Administration Course List PDF
Engineering Course List  PDF
Liberal Arts Course List PDF
Nursing Course List PDF
Nursing (RN to BSN) List PDF
Science Course List PDF
General College Course List PDF


Fitting Honors into your course of study


Completing the Honors curriculum should not require you to take additional courses. Honors requirements are fulfilled by courses that also fulfill other degree requirements (e.g., major/minor or electives). Here is one way to picture how courses in the Honors College fit into your regular graduation course of study. Note that all Honors College credit hours fit into one part of your degree requirements (some of them as general electives).

For Faculty Advisors

If you are a faculty or staff member who advises any Honors students, please make yourself familiar with the college requirements and with the college-specific program forms above. These forms can be used informally to keep track of a student's progress toward their College Requirements. This form should be attached to the student's regular Program of Study in their file to identify them as an Honors student and help both you and the student know what courses need to be taken.

We have an Advising Information Sheet  for all academic advisors.

While many aspects of the college have become stable over the years, it undergoes changes in order to improve its quality and accessibility to students. It is a good idea to check the Honors web site periodically for news about changes.