Accommodated Exam Procedures

Our office assists faculty and students arrange for exam accommodations such as extended testing time, distraction-reduced exam room, or scribes to record answers. Instructors should try to arrange this in their offices if at all possible. If an instructor is unable to do so, exams may be administered by the Testing Services Center (TSC).

The student will bring you an "Accommodated Exam Proctoring" form with the Letter of Accommodation. The Accommodated Exam Proctoring form outlines procedures and asks for faculty to specify information to us such as whether there is flexibility about which day the test is given and whether the student is permitted any other materials (e.g., scratch paper, calculator, notes).

The following procedures must be followed in order for TSC to administer exam:

  • No later than twenty-four hours prior to the date of the test:
  • Faculty should hand deliver or email a copy of the test and Exam Proctoring Checklist to 225 Wilson Hall or
  • Students should schedule an appointment time no less than one week prior to the exam with TSC.

Upon completion of the test, TSC staff will retain the testing material in a secure location until faculty can pick up the test, within 48 hours of proctoring. Alternatively, TSC staff will be able to fax or scan and email a copy of the test to faculty if they prefer electronic delivery. This procedure will be specified by faculty on the testing procedures cover page.