About the UAH Foundation

The University of Alabama Huntsville Foundation supports university fund-raising activities and provides asset management services to perpetuate educational excellence at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH).

The Foundation is a private, nonprofit corporation with its own board of trustees. Established in 1962, the Foundation exists solely for the benefit of UAH.

Q: Why does UAH need private gifts?
A: UAH receives less than 35 percent of its budget from State revenues. Private donors provide the additional support needed to sustain UAH's tradition of excellence.

Q: What does the Foundation do with gifts?
A: The Foundation disburses funds in accordance with the donors' wishes. Endowed gifts are invested in The University of Alabama System Pooled Endowment Fund to maximize return.

Q: Why is the Foundation separate?
A: Since the Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization, donors are assured that 1) their gifts will benefit the programs they have designated; 2) their gifts will be protected from reallocation by the state; and 3) their giving records will remain private. The UAH Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees.