Green Vase Zelkova

Zelkova serrata 'Green Vase' - 'Green Vase' Zelkova

Family - Ulmaceae

Size - 40 to 70 feet in height with a comparable spread. Vase shaped, upright arching branches. Fast grower; this tree was approximately 12' in height when planted in 1989, and in 14 years is currently 35' to 40' in height in 2003. There has never had to be any 'limbing up', done on this tree.

Foliage - Alternate, simple, sharply serrated, distinct veination, as many as 14 pairs of veins. Dark green, Fall color is a dull maroon. Reaches it's peak here about the 2nd week of November.

Flower/Fruit/Seed - Not conspicuous.

Bark - Smooth, gray when young, almost like an elephant's leg. As it ages it becomes more exfoliating as in this photo.

Pests and Diseases - None noticed in 14 years. Japanese Beetle which tends to pester the Ulmaceae family (such as the Elms), leaves the Zelkova's alone.

Landscape Use - Wide use for residential, commercial and municipal properties. Has done fairly well here in urban parking lot environments over a 12 year period. I planted some into fairly restricted parking lot islands in the early 90s and the Zelkova's have held their own in regard to heat and drought. Its vase shape does not conflict with vehicles or pedestrians, yet it provides a moderate amount of shade; very drought tolerant once established. Obviously, it adapts well to a wide variety of soil conditions.

Performance - 10 When I first planted this tree in 1989, one rarely saw 'Green Vase' Zelkova being used. For that matter, you didn't see many Zelkovas, period. Today it is much more commonly seen and widely used in commercial sites and municipalities.

Green Vase Zelkova

Green Vase Zelkova bark