Weeping Yoshino Cherry

Prunus x yedoensis 'Shidare Yoshino' - Weeping Yoshino Cherry

Family - Rosaceae

Size - To approximately 40'. Weeping, cascading form on slender branches. It has a relatively fast growth rate, 2 1/2 feet per year. The tree in this picture was planted in the fall of 1988 as a 2" caliper, 10', B&B tree. It is easily 30' today in 1997.

Foliage - Alternate, simple. Approximately 4" in length by 2 1/2" in width. Ovate to obovate in shape. Doubly serrated on the margin. Dark green in summer, yellow in fall.

Flower/Fruit/Seed - Flowers are single, white with the lightest hint of pink. Appear before the leaves. Best flowering occurs in a full sun exposure.

Bark -

Pests and Diseases - Unusually pest free.

Landscape Use - Would add a nice touch to the residential or commercial landscape where a large form can be used. Should be used as a specimen. Its form in my opinion is the greatest asset, the flowers last 10 days, the form is 365 days. Is attractive in winter habit also. Is very attractive where it can be used in a mixed planting bed of other deciduous trees and conifers where each others forms can be accented.

Performance - 8 I'm not real crazy about the performance of cherries (or much else in the genus Prunus) to start with, but I have been satisfied with the outcome of this tree. In its location it has become a nice addition to the landscape. Cherries can be plagued with so many problems that I just don't view them as long term investments.

Weeping Yoshino Cherry used in landscaping