Purpleblow Maple

Acer truncatum - Purpleblow Maple, also called Shantung Maple

Family - Aceraceae

Size - Medium rate of growth to 20-25 feet. Spread slightly less. Round headed, neat, good branching.

Foliage - New growth is a bronze red changing over to a glossy green. The tree always seems to be in a state of new growth, thus it always has a bronzish cast to it overlaying green foliage. Very attractive. Fall color can be yellows, oranges and reds but the majority of what I've seen is a golden yellow. Expect Purpleblow to peak about a week to ten days past your average peak period. The foliage is always very clean, and it gives the tree a dainty appearance.

Flower/Fruit/Seed -

Bark - Gray-brown

Pests and Diseases - None, or at least nothing has ever been noticed.

Landscape Use - This could be a long list since this tree has enormous potential. Except for a very wet site, I don't know where it couldn't be used where a tough, but very attractive small tree is needed. It is urban tough. Thrives in all of the hostile urgan conditions. Tolerates enclosed curb, confined root spaces in parking lot islands under the harshest of conditions and just keeps on going. I have been impressed with this tree more than any other I have run across in this regard. It has no problems with leaf scorch and holds attractive foliage through the summers here. Balled and Burlapped trees planted in March of 1996 in to parking lot islands never received any supplemental watering in spite of temperatures pushing 100 degrees F and only 1/4 inch of rainfall through most of May in that year, just 2 months following planting. The trees never wilted, and I was amazed when they continued with new growth throughout the summer. This tree adapts and makes itself at home very quickly. It is a tenacious fighter.

Performance - 10 Not many trees can earn a 10 but this one deserves it. If there is a drawback to it, I haven't seen it yet. It can run the gammut of use from specimen to street tree. Adaptable, heat and drought tolerant, neat and clean foliage, good Fall color. Should cope with zone 8 easily and is hardy to at least Zone 5. Has withstood -20 to 25 F (Zone 3 to 4) A real winner where trees are concerned. Though there may not be such a thing as a perfect tree, Purpleblow comes pretty darned close.

Purpleblow Maple

Purpleblow Maple foliage

Purpleblow Maple in the Fall

Purpleblow Maple foliage in the Fall