David Maple

Acer davidii - David Maple

Family - Aceraceae

Size - Slow to maybe medium grower to about 30 feet, but I expect that's pushing it for this region. I'm looking at the ultimate height to be 15 to 20 feet at best in the south. Will have a spread greater than height with horizontal branching.

Foliage - Medium green. Weak yellow Fall color.

Flower/Fruit/Seed - samara. An entire branch will be either male or female. These same branches may have flowers of the opposite sex in alternating or successive years.

Bark - Gray, with traces of green and rust tones when young. Faint white striping. Fairly attractive but not overly outstanding. As it has aged it has developed into a more Maple like bark pattern and color still showing some of the sriped character.

Pests and Diseases - None noticed.

Landscape Use - Focal tree for a residential yard, or garden; uncommon outside of botanical gardens or arboreta, at least in the Southeast US, although as recently as 2003 I did see a small one for sale at a local retail gardencenter that sells more specialized plants. In this region in general, one would not find it except in such places as a botanical collection, or in a tree collectors yard, although it does do quite well and it's use needs to be more seriously looked at. Has possibilities for use in raised planters.

Performance - 9 Does best in full sun to part shade. Will tolerate a fair amount of dry conditions. Supposedly should be located where it can receive protection from afternoon heat, but after 8 years located in blazing full sun the tree seems to be able to hold its own quite well in our climate. Once established, it hold up to heat and drought quite well.Zones 5 - 7

David Maple

David Maple seeds

David Maple bark