Ivyleaf Maple

Acer cissifolium - Ivyleaf Maple

Family - Aceraceae

Size - Open, spreading tree, to approx. 25' with equal spread. Will tend to be low branched. Slow to medium grower, 1 to 1 1/2 feet per year.

Foliage - trifoliate, medium green. Fall coloring ability varies. Have some trees that are a beautiful orange-red while others are a orange yellow to a yellow green. Very similiar in appearance to A. henryi, a subspecies, and many of the other trifoliate Maples. Seed is interesting, hanging in panicles.

Pests and Diseases - None noticed.

Landscape Use - Will tolerate full sun to full shade, however I think those in part-shade will develop the best character of branching. Treat it as you would a Dogwood, or Japanese Maple and you'll get the same horizontal and layering of branches. Could be used as a specimen tree. Will develop character with time as it seems to be a bit gangly when young. Seedling trees need to be chosen for the best Fall color as it varies from tree to tree.

Performance - 7 Originally, I didn't think this tree would be very friendly with dry locations. Or very tolerant to drought. However, after 8 years of growing this tree in both full sun or part-shade conditions, it seems to handle it's own in regard to heat and drought, regardless. Needs some protection from winds in summer, so avoid too windy of a site. A dioecious maple, most plants in cultivation are females and many trees are solitarily planted, thus little viable seed is obtainable. Can be propagated by layering. Hardy to Zone 5

Ivyleaf Maple

Ivyleaf Maple foliage in the Fall

Ivyleaf Maple seeds