Trident Maple

Acer buergeranum - Trident Maple

Family - Aceraceae

Size - 25' to 30', spread is similiar.

Rate - Medium, have averaged roughly 2 feet per year.

Foliage - Glossy green in summer, very clean. Fall color is mainly orange and red tones. Consistent fall color from year to year.

Flower/Fruit/Seed - Samaras are a main plus. They give a nice reddish contrast against the green foliage from late Spring through early Summer. They turn tan, and persist on the tree in to Fall.

Bark - Platey, scaley, brown, with cinnamon and orange tones. Begins to exfoliate after about 10 years. Develops best character on older trees.

Pests and diseases - None, in 10 years of use.

Landscape use - Enormous use for the home, commercial, or municipal property. Makes a nice small tree that can tolerate urban conditions, ie; confined root space, pollution, and heat and drought. Has done well in parking lot islands.

Performance - 10 - Could be used throughout the Southeast with success through zone 8. Still, I don't see this tree used very often and it needs to be better known.

Trident Maple

Trident Maple foliage

Trident Maple bark