Naylor's Blue Leyland Cypress

x Cuppressocyparis leylandii 'Naylor's Blue' - 'Naylor's Blue' Leyland Cypress

Family - Cupressaceae

Size - To 35 to 40 feet with a distinct central leader. Very open branched and irregularly arranged. Rate of growth is approximately 1 1/2 feet per year.

Foliage - Attractive blue-gray. Branches ascending with foliage arranged along a flat plane, tips of branches slightly pendulous.

Flower/Fruit/Seed - Although it rarely develops cones ours does with regularity. Round, approximately 1/2 inch in diameter. Roughly 8 scales with approximately 5 seeds under each scale.

Bark - Reddish brown and scaley

Pests and Diseases - Some bagworms, canker

Landscape Use - Specimen, hedge, takes shearing well like the other Leylands. Attractive blue-green foliage adds a nice touch of color to the landscape, especially in the winter months when the color stands out the most. Not widely cultivated.

Performance - 9 Needs a well drained soil. 'Naylor's Blue' was clone #10 derived from a hybrid of seed taken from a Cupressus macrocarpa which was growing near a stand of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis by J.M. Naylor at Leighton Hall, Welshpool, England in 1911. All of the clones of Leyland Cypress come from 3 different hybrids. The first was in 1888 by C.J. Leyland, a brother in law of J.M. Naylor. It came from seed of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis. The last was in 1940 by M. Barthelemy, Stapehill, Dorset from seed of Cupressus macrocarpa. The clones come from these 3 hybrids. Several have been named while many have as yet only numbers.

Naylor's Blue Leyland Cypress