ESSC Alabama Climate Report


Excerpt from the March 2014 Alabama Climate Report:

How could March have felt so very cold when the monthly average temperature was less than three degrees cooler than normal? Three degrees doesn't sound like much, especially when so many people in Alabama felt so cold.

Part of the problem is that old average thing. Three days of temperatures 33 degrees hotter than normal, followed by four days of temperatures 25 degrees colder than normal means that, on average, we had a pretty normal week.

And so it was in Alabama. If we look at the National Weather Service stations around the state, we see that most of us saw more cooler than normal days than warmer. Some of those cooler days were downright cold, based on what's normal for Alabama.

Decatur and Huntsville each had seven days in March when the average temperature was at least 10 degrees colder than normal. Mobile saw only ten days in March when temperatures were at or warmer than normal, and one day was 23 degrees colder than the seasonal norm!

- John Christy

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