Shankar Mahalingam, Ph.D.

mahalingam 1x2Professor and Dean of the College of Engineering
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


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Mechanical Engineering, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 
Mechanical Engineering, State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stonybrook, NY
Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India


Professor Mahalingam’s research interests include direct and large eddy simulations of turbulent combustion, forest fire modeling, flame spread experiments, computational fluid dynamics applied to turbulent combustion, acoustic-flow interactions pertinent to solid rocket motors, and cardiovascular fluid dynamics. He has received funding for his research as PI from AFOSR, NSF, ACS-PRF, USDAFS, and UCRLANL, and as co-PI on grants funded by AFOSR, ONR, SERDP, UCEI, and JFSP. He has authored or coauthored over 50 refereed papers (journals and refereed proceedings) and over 60 conference papers. He has won two teaching awards and an outstanding advisor award while at the University of Colorado. He has successfully supervised the dissertations of 10 Ph.D. students. He served as Associate Editor of the AIAA Journal, and as Member-at-Large of the Board of the Western States Section of the Combustion Institute. He is a member of The Combustion Institute, American Physical Society (Fluid Dynamics), ASEE, AAAS, & Sigma Xi. 

Research Expertise

  • Wildland Fire Behavior
  • Turbulent Combustion
  • Direct and Large Eddy Simulations
  • Flame Spread Experiments 

Honors & Awards

  • Pi Tau Sigma award of Outsanding ME Professor (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  • Outstanding Advisor Award (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  • Associate Fellow, AIAA
  • Fellow, ASME

Recent Publications

Dover, S., A. Dahale, B. Shotorban, S. Mahalingam, and D. R. Weise, "Influence of Vegetation Mositure on Combustion of Pyrolysis gases in Wildland Fires," Proceedings of the ASME 2011 IMECE, November 11-17, Denver, 2011.

Dahale, A., S. Dover, B. Shotorban, and S. Mahalingam, "Effects of Crown bulk Density Distribution and Thermophoresis Forces on Soot Particles in Wildland Fires," Proceedings of the ASME 2011 IMECE, November 11-17, Denver, 2011.

S. Hosseini, Q. Li, D. Cocker, D. R. Weise, A. Miller, M. Sharivastava, M. Lemmetty, W. Miller, S. Mahalingam, M. Princevac, W. M. Hao, R. Yokelson, M. T. Odman, .T.J. Johnson, J. Reardon, and H. Jung, "Particle Size Distribution, Morphology and Density From Laboratory-Scale Biomass Fires Using Fast Response Instruments and TEM Analysis," Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 10: 8065-8076, 2010.

J. Lozano, W. Tachajapong, D. R. Weise, S. Mahalingam, and M. Princevac, "Fluid Dynamics Structures in a Fire Environment Observed in Laboratory Scale Experiments," Combustion Science and Technology, 182: 858-878, 2010.

W. Tachajapong, J. Lozano, S. Mahalingam, X. Zhou, and D. R. Weise, "Experimental and Numerical Modeling of Shrub Crown Fire Initiation," Combustion Science and Technology, 181: 618-640, 2009.

P. Prasad, and S. Mahalingam, "Exhaust gas recirculation effects on hydrogen air combustion," Combustion Science and Technology, 179, pp. 1131-1157, 2007.

X. Zhou, S. Mahalingam, and D. Weise, "Experimental Study and Large Eddy Simulation of Effect of Terrain Slope on Marginal Burning in Shrub Fuel Beds," Proceedings of The Combustion Institute, 31, pp. 2547-2555, 2007.