Farbod Fahimi, Ph.D.

Farbod FahimiAssistant Professor
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering


  Technology Hall/OKT N264 
  (256) 824-5671
  (256) 824-6758
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  Mechanical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran 
  Applied Mechanics, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran
  Mechanical Engineering, KNT University of Technology, Tehran


Dr. Fahimi has over 10 years of research experience in dynamic modeling, system identification, linear and nonlinear controls, with applications to robotic system and autonomous vehicles. He received a PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering on dynamic modeling of flexible multi-body systems in 1999. He has graduated 8 Masters students, and has offered several senior design projects. He is currently supervising several full time and part time graduate students. He has taught several undergraduate and graduate level courses such as Dynamics, Vibrations, System Dynamics, Elasiticty, Finite Element Method, Introduction to Robotics, and Advanced Robotics. He has authored a graduate level text book titles: Autonomous Robots; Modeling, Path Planning, and Control.

Research Expertise

  • Linear and Nonlinear Controls
  • System Identification
  • Applied Control
  • Dynamics and Robotics
  • Autonomous Vehicles (Ground, Marine, Aerial) 

Honors & Awards

  • Junior Faculty Distinguished Award, Office of the Vice President for Research, UAHuntsville, 2011

Recent Publications

Siramdasu, Y., Fahimi, F., “Incorporating Input Saturation for Surface Vessel Control with Experiments,” Accepted for publication, Control and Intelligent Systems, 2012, 8 pages.

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Van Kleeck, C., and Fahimi, F., “Alternative trajectory-tracking control approach for marine surface vessels with experimental verification,” Robotica, Accepted for publication, 2011.

Dawson, M., Fahimi, F., Carey, J., “Review of myoelectric training systems,” Expert Review of Medical Devices, September 2011, vol. 8, no. 5, Pages 581-589.

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2009, pages 749 – 757.

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