Our Mission

To provide integrated, applications-oriented education and research programs in the areas of industrial engineering, systems engineering and engineering management to support the needs of students and organizations in Huntsville and beyond

To realize the mission of the department, the following educational objectives have been adopted for the undergraduate program. These objectives cover the fundamentals of both engineering and the humanities that characterize a university education, plus the specialized knowledge of industrial and systems engineering needed for a successful career in industry, the government, or academia.

  1. To produce graduates who can use their broad educational experience, ethical judgment, and systems thinking to impact the community in a positive way.
  2. To produce graduates with core competencies in engineering fundamentals.
  3. To produce graduates to successfully apply Industrial Engineering methodologies effectively to analyze, design, and implement integrated systems.
  4. To produce graduates who can function effectively in the work environment through participation in teams, leadership and effective communication skills.
  5. To produce graduates who are able to continue learning throughout their careers.

Students take courses in facilities design, human factors engineering, financial decision making, manufacturing systems design, production and inventory control, statistics and quality control, computer modeling/simulation and systems management. ISEEM graduates might find themselves in such diverse industries as electronics, automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, government agencies, and health care. An ISEEM professional may design the facility for the best product flow through the plant; use computer simulation to test various alternative design decisions; help design the inside compartments for the next space shuttle considering the limited space requirement and human interface with the controls; help design or track a total process system to help coordinate all functions for a successful end product; or help track quality using statistical methods.

Our Vision

To achieve a national reputation for a curriculum that integrates current concepts in systems thinking, the elimination of process and resource waste, and reduction of variability; and to develop nationally recognized research programs in team development, complex system design, process improvement frameworks, and logistic systems.

Students Enjoy: