Did you know that DL at UAHuntsville offers LIVE viewing of captured events through our Mediasite system as a Webcasting event?

        In addition to our viewers ability to watch content on-demand (on your own time), content is also available via live streaming options configurable in our Mediasite system. These live streamed events, called Webcasts, allow viewers to see and hear the presenter, along with any content being presented (i.e., PowerPoint slides) as time-synched pictures alongside the presentation. These events may be configured to allow viewers to also view and respond to polls, submit questions via a text chat tool, and also view linked documents for the individual presentation. If you would like to request that your class or event have live streaming Webcasting available, please include that on your reservation form, or contact the DL Program Coordinator to request this on a case-by-case or semester basis.

        See the Live Stream Interaction Options handout for more information on these options. Please note that you may also view polls that have been completed, view linked documents, and submit questions when viewing videos on-demand, provided that these tools are enabled in your event.