Online Learning Tuition

Academic Year 2015-2016

Tuition* listed here is for OL courses and programs which may include classes offered by computer science, business, psychology, engineering, and other departments.

All OL Classes will be charged the same as in-state students.

Please note that college- and departmental-fees will apply. See the UAH Fees document for more information.

*Tuition subject to change.

OL Tuition -- What does it cover?

Online Learning students will receive full online, readily available access to all captured class lectures recorded during the semester in which the student is registered. Where approved by your professor, you are also allowed to join in on the live class, should you be available locally during the term.

OL students may also use the OL Administrative Office to arrange for proctored testing arrangements, where required by faculty members, either with a remote OL proctor (as approved by instructor) or a local OL proctor from our office. No extra charge is assessed for OL students requesting proctoring services through the OL Administrative Office at UAH.