Online Learning Testing and Proctoring

Online Learning Testing and Proctoring

Proctoring of on-site and online examinations is common among OL courses offered by UAH, in order to ensure the integrity of both the student completing the exam and  the content presented in the examination itself. OL policy requires the OL student to identify someone in the student's local region willing to serve as a testing proctor. 

Local students registered as OL students are expected to take examinations with the on-campus class, if they normally attend lectures with the live class. Students should gain instructor approval to deviate from this policy. Exams are proctored from the OL office for local students who do not usually attend live classes, and are facilitated by the UAH OL office for remote OL students. These proctored examinations should be scheduled by calling the OL Administrative Assistant (256) 824-6976 or by emailing .

Guidelines for local proctoring at UAH are as follows:

  • Daily proctoring on-site at UAH is offered M-F, by appointment only, at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm each day. Proctoring of examinations ends by 5:00 p.m. each business day.
  • Students are responsible for scheduling exam dates with the OL Administration Office by calling at (256) 824-6976, and must adhere to all instructor-provided due dates that are presented in the OL class.
  • All examinations will begin on time, as indicated in one of the two time slots above, and as agreed upon by the student's reservation.
  • Students who are as late as 15 minutes will be allowed to begin but will not be given extra time at the end of the exam.
  • Students who are later than 15 minutes will be asked to reschedule within the guidelines/deadlines set by the instructor.
  • The instructor guidelines for proctoring will be closely adhered to, and will follow all instructions provided to the OL Administrative Office on the Exam Control Form; i.e., student will be allowed to take only those materials specified on the control form into the room.
  • Students are not allowed to bring electronic personal belongings, including but not limited to cell phones, PDA’s, and other devices, into the proctoring environment. All students will be asked to leave these devices in a secure environment prior to test administration.
  • Upon administration of the examination to students, once per day, completed examinations will be given to the administrative assistant of the academic department for which the faculty member teaches. These exams may then be picked up from this individual by the faculty member.

Remote (defined as outside of Madison Country in mailing and physical address) OL student exams must go through a designated, certified proctor. Students are responsible for identifying the appropriate proctor at their location and submitting the name and contact information to the OL Administrative Office as soon as this information is known, through use of the Proctor Consent Form.**For remote proctors, please read the Proctor Consent Form and then electronically sign this Google Form consenting that you have read the Online Learning Proctoring Policy and understand the expectations therein. The UAH OL Administrative Office will then contact and certify the proctor.
Please note that exams are sent directly to the proctors with instructions for administration, after the Proctor Certification Process is completed.