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*Download a PDF version on how to view your Panopto sessions here.


Notice: Changes Affecting Distance Learning Students

Attention COE DL Students and those using DL staff services! Lecture capture updates were implemented for the Spring 2014 semester. Please refer to the transitional information below for additional information on the newly implemented Panopto lecture capture system being used on the UAH campus. Additional updated information has also been provided for DL students in the Spring 2015 DL Newsletter.

All online courses (and courses that have online content) are taught in the learning management system - Canvas.

Visit Canvas at and log in with your Charger credentials. You have been enrolled in a course called Canvas Resources. This course includes important introductory videos and tutorials that will help prepare for the Angel to Canvas transition. View the resources in this course by clicking on Courses at the top of the Canvas home screen and choosing Canvas Resources from the drop-down list of options.

ANGEL is still available for students to access at, until February 28, 2015. No content will be updated or added after Fall 2014 semester.


Distance Learning coursework at UAH supported by the COE uses a number of technological tools. Our capture tool is Panopto, which allows us to capture live lectures while our professors are teaching, and to then provide this content to our DL students very shortly thereafter via the University's Learning Management System, Canvas.

In addition, we also offer some courses across the UA System using videoconferencing.

Video lectures are available through the UAH Distance Learning Panopto server.

Availability of Content

You will access your online course lecture system through Canvas after you are registered for your DL classes. Access links provided on the Canvas LMS may be posted on the Course Homepage, or under the Panopto tab in the left-hand column of the course interface. Your professor will be able to provide more guidance on accessing this content.

The DL lecture capture is typically posted within 1 hour after the scheduled class time has completed. If there is a delay in posting, this is due to post-production needs for the class. Content remains available throughout the semester that students are registered for class; students do not have access through the Internet upon the end of the academic term in which they are registered.

How does lecture capture work, and what will I be able to view in the lectures?

Most of the time at UAH, we record (capture) live classes using advanced media encoding software from Panopto to consolidate audio and video lectures alongside materials presented by faculty members. Our unique lecture capture system allows any content presented in class to be captured and made available to you through our server. These materials may include slideshows such as PowerPoint, demonstrated documents such as drawings or excerpts from textbooks, audio and/or video media clips, SmartBoard and Sympodium annotations, as well as many other technology inputs. Synchronization of this content is completed and the captured lectures are placed online for asynchronous viewing via Panopto. You have the option to watch content as many times as you need, and at any time after the lecture has completed. Some classes may also be available for downloading and livestreaming, based on the settings applied by your professor. Additionally, you will be able to bookmark as well as add notes to each of your sessions.

Logging into your DL Content/Lectures

Online Distance Learning video content can be accessed through Canvas. For information regarding features available within the Panopto system during playback, such as note taking, bookmarks, using the viewer, and other functionality, visit UAH OIT Documentation and Training or download "Viewing Sessions" from Panopto Support.

What features are available through Panopto when viewing a Webcast (live streamed) event?

Panopto allows viewers to watch content on-demand (asynchronously) and also via Webcasting, which is also called live streaming. Webcasting events allow viewers to see and hear the presenter while the event is being recorded, along with seeing any content being presented (i.e., PowerPoint slides) as time-synched pictures alongside the presentation, just as though you were watching asynchronously. Webcasting events may be configured to allow viewers to also see and respond to live polls, submit questions via a Q & A tool, and view linked documents that are being shown live in class along with the rest of the class. Q & A functionality is typically managed by an on-site moderator during the event.

If you are interested in seeing your class live, contact your professor to request this option. (Please note that you may also view polls that have been completed, view linked documents, and submit questions when viewing videos on-demand/asynchronously, if these tools are enabled in your event).

Technical Specifications for Using Panopto

Visit the Panopto Viewing Requirements page for more information on system requirements.

Panopto Troubleshooting

If you are experiencing issues while trying to view content with Panopto, please view the Panopto online user manual or download the Panopto user manual. You may also download a PDF from Panopto Support on viewing your sessions (found here).



Canvas is the course management system used by the UAH Campus. Many of our DL faculty members may use this system to post syllabi, collect assignments, and distribute documents, among other uses. If you need assistance with use of this system with your DL classes, please contact the OIT Help Desk at  256.824.3333 or

UAH Distance Learning Communication Tools

Email and UAH Google Apps

To log into the UAH campus-wide email, web calendar, and other tools, available through Google, see the OIT Google Apps page.

For additional assistance, review the Gmail helpsheet on setting up your UAH Gmail account, which includes information on forwarding your new UAH Gmail account to another address.

Distance Learning Library Assistance

DL students have full access to the UAH M. Louis Salmon Library.

Distance Learning Textbook Purchases

Each DL student is responsible for obtaining all required textbooks for DL classes. All textbooks for DL courses (as well as traditional courses) offered at UAH may be ordered through the UAH Bookstore.

Contact your instructor for information pertaining to required textbooks, if you are unable to locate this information from the UAH Bookstore.

Distance Learning Testing and Proctoring

Proctoring of on-site and online examinations are common among DL courses offered by UAH, in order to ensure the integrity of both the student completing the exam and also of the content presented in the examination itself. DL policy requires the DL student to identify someone in the student's local region that is willing to serve as a testing proctor.

Local students who are registered as DL students are expected to take examinations with the on-campus class, if they normally attend lectures with the live class. Students should gain instructor approval to deviate from this policy. Exams are proctored from the DL office for local students who do not attend classes held live. These proctored examinations should be scheduled through the DL Administrative Assistant  256.824.6976 or

Guidelines for local proctoring at UAH are as follows:

  • Daily proctoring on-site at UAH is offered M-F, by appointment, at 9:30 am and 1:30 pm. Proctoring of examinations ends by 5:00 p.m. each business day.
  • Students are responsible for scheduling exam dates with the DL Administration Office at  256.824.6976.
  • All examinations will begin on time, as indicated in one of the two time slots above, and as agreed up on the reservation made by the student.
  • Students who are as late as 15 minutes will be allowed to begin but will not be given extra time at the end of the exam.
  • Students who are later than 15 minutes will be asked to reschedule within the guidelines/deadlines set by the instructor.
  • The instructor guidelines for proctoring will be closely adhered to, and will follow all instructions provided to the DL Administrative Office on the Exam Control Form; i.e., student will be allowed to take only those materials specified on the control form into the room.
  • Students are not allowed to bring electronic personal belongings, including but not limited to cell phones, PDA's, and other devices, into the proctoring environment. All students will be asked to leave these devices in a secure environment prior to test administration.
  • Upon administration of the examination to students, once per day, completed examinations will be given to the administrative assistant of the academic department for which the faculty member teachers. These exams may then be picked up from this individual by the faculty member.

Remote (defined as outside of Madison Country AL in mailing and physical address) DL student exams must go through a designated, certified proctor. Students are responsible for identifying the appropriate proctor at their location and submitting the name and contact information to the DL Administrative Office as soon as this information is known, through use of the Proctor Consent Form. The UAH DL Administrative Office will then contact and certify the proctor. Please note that exams are sent directly to the proctors with instructions for administration, after the Proctor Certification Process is completed.

Distance Learning Student Resources and FAQs

Are you considering enrolling in online education, but are unsure about some of the expectations, lifestyle considerations and changes, and other factors that may be important in this decision? The above, self-guided free online course module will walk you through these aspects and more.

Is Distance Learning Right for You? -

7 Success Strategies for Distance Learners -

4 Ways to Balance Family and School As a Distance Learner -

DL Student Evaluations & Complaint Procedures

Please take a few moments to evaluate the DL course that you have completed through UAH by completing the DL Student Experiences Survey.

You should complete one survey per course, per term. Thank you for your feedback! We look forward to hearing your suggestions.

Note: The DL Student Experiences Survey is anonymous. If you would like to be contacted, please add your name and email address in the additional comments field of the survey form.

DL Student Complaint Procedures

Students who have a grievance regarding courses or programs being completed through Distance Learning are encouraged to address such concerns first informally, as guided by the UAH Student Handbook. Informal procedures encourage students to seek resolutions by discussing their complaints informally with the relevant faculty or staff member who is most associated with the matter. A student who is uncertain about how to seek informal resolution of a concern is encouraged to seek advice from the Director of Distance Learning for the College of Engineering. Formal complaints to the Director should be submitted in writing to Dr. Sherri Restauri, and should include all course identification information and specifics of the complaint. Students will receive a response within 3 business working days on these complaints.

DL Tuition

Distance Learning students will receive full online, readily available access to all captured class lectures recorded during the semester in which the student is registered. Where approved by your professor, you are also allowed to join in on the live class, should you be available locally during the term.

DL students may also use the DL Administrative Office to arrange for proctored testing arrangements, where required by faculty members, either with a remote DL proctor (as approved by instructor) or a local DL proctor from our office. No extra charge is assessed for DL students requesting proctoring services through the DL Administrative Office at UAH.

For more information covering tuition, please refer to the Office of the Bursar.