Second Life Virtual World Initiative

UAH is now participating in a virtual world known as Second Life (SL). Here are some quick facts to get you started in this new initiative:

What are some ways that I or my students might use SL?
We anticipate many potential uses for this island, including academic and professional lectures, collaborations among various other SL Higher Education entities, promotional events, building/scripting in-world (ever wanted to build your own house, bridge, or car? Here's your chance!), virtual meetings and conferences, simulations/immersive learning activities, and much more. If you are interested in participating with us in the initial phases of this project, please contact Dr. Sherri Restauri in Distance Learning at UAH. See a preview of the conference facility in UAH Virtual Campus below.

UAH conference center Main 001


What is the UAH SL island called?
The island name is: UAH Virtual Campus

How do I get to the UAH SL Island?
You use the SLURL, just like navigating to a webpage.

What is a SLURL?
SLurl provides direct teleport links to locations in Second Life. If you already have Second Life installed, clicking on the map link will automatically teleport you to that location in-world.

What is the UAH Virtual Campus's SLURL?
UAH Virtual Campus in Second Life

What if I don't have the SL viewer software installed? What do I do?
Just go here to create your account:
You will create your avatar here, but may always modify it later.
You can download & install the SL viewer software here:


Helpsheets for SL Users


Second Life FAQs

What exactly is SL?
“Second Life ( created by Linden Lab ( is not promoted as a “game” Instead the people at Linden Lab truly see it as a 3-D virtual world, and only different from our Earth in that this world is “lived” via the Internet. Second Life opened to the public in 2003, and has been growing explosively ever since. Already millions of people from around the Real World have inhabited it. Second Life is the first of its kind to achieve widespread success including attention from mainstream media, the growing interest from international communities, and multi-national organizations looking to expand brand awareness. Think of it as Myspace, YouTube, Amazon, eBay, and Sim City all wrapped up together with Reuters, Toyota, Rockefeller Center, you, me, and VOIP.” (Beginner’s Guide to Second Life, eBook edition).

How do I connect with other educators currently working on projects in Second Life?
Linden Lab maintains a very active Educators Mailing List to keep interested individuals alerted to education opportunities and events in Second Life. This is an ideal way for you to share experiences as well as connect with colleagues and potential collaborators. Please visit this page to subscribe! There is also a Group in Second Life called "Real Life Education in Second Life" which is also comprised of people who are interested in the educational possibilities of Second Life. If you'd like to keep in touch with other educators in-world, please feel free to join this Group (click the Find button and search under Groups for "Education"). The group is open for anyone to join, and it's another great way to find colleagues and collaborators to help you with your education work in Second Life.

How has UAH DL currently begun participating in Second Life?
In November 2009 Distance Learning at UAH participated in a very successful event at the 2009 Second Life College Fair. This recruitment activity was UAH CoE's first venture into the virtual world of SL, with plans for expanding opportunities in the near future. Additional events such as this, as well as teaching and learning possibilities for students and faculty to participate in this exciting new UAH enterprise will be posted as they become available. See the picture below for a screenshot of the SL UAH College Recruitment Booth In-World in SL.

uah SL collegefair2009

The Second Life College Fair UAH Virtual Recruiting Booth, shown staffed here by
Dr. Sherri Restauri, DL Operations Manager at UAH.