Patrick Reardon, Ph.D.


 Assistant Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering


OB 400
(256) 824-2530
(256) 824-6618




     Physics, The University of Alabama
     Physics, The University of Alabama
     Physics, DePaul University, Chicago, IL



Dr. Reardon’s research has involved the design, fabrication and testing of complex optical surfaces, elements, and systems for a broad range of applications. From ophthalmic optics, to JWST primary mirror segments, from THz through x-rays, Dr. Reardon has developed practical designs and methods to achieve successful results whether through simple geometrical optics models, more advanced Fourier techniques, or detailed wave methods.


Research Expertise

  • Optical and optical systems design
  • Optical Testing
  • FPGA-based Reconfigurable Computing
  • Multi-phase annular optical systems


Recent Publications

“An advanced optical system for laser ablation propulsion in space,” Bergstue, G., Fork, R., Reardon, P.J., Acta Astronautica, Volume 96, P. 97–105, March–April (2014)

“Separating misalignment from misfigure in interferograms on cylindrical optics,” Liu, F., Robinson, B., Reardon, P.J., Geary, J.M., Opt. Express 21, 8856-8864 (2013)

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“Efficient Light Collection from Crystal Scintillators Using a Compound Parabolic Concentrator Coupled to an Avalanche Photodiode,” P. Jenke, M. Briggs, P. Reardon , V. Connaughton, N. Bhat, C. A. Wilson-Hodge, Submitted to SPIE, Optics and Photonics Conference, X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Particle Technologies, San Diego (2013).

“Modeling and Simulation of a Spectro-Polarimetric Lenslet Array Imager," Walters, J., Robinson, B., Reardon, P.J., Optical Engineering, Vol. 52, Issue 2 (2013).

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