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Engineering Science, Louisiana Sate University
Engineering Science, Louisiana Sate University
Physics, Louisiana Sate University 



 Dr. John D. Williams received his BS in Physics from the Louisiana State University (LSU) in 1996 where he examined the breakdown of low temperature aluminum superconducting Josephson junctions in low temperature superconductors. He then became a process and beamline technician at LSU's Center for Advanced Micro Devices (CAMD). At CAMD, he developed hands on experience with ultra high vacuum equipment, sputter deposition, ion milling, contact and deep X-ray lithography, wet and dry etching of silicon, scanning electron microscopy, and electroplating. In 1998, he joined the staff of the Cornell Nanofabrication Facility (CNF) as its first MEMS Exchange Engineer and worked to characterize and document CNF fabrication processes for the DARPA MEMS Exchange program. During his stint at CNF, Dr. Williams learned a great deal about Bosch and chorine inductively couple plasma etching, step and repeat lithography, various etch techniques, and chemical vapor deposition. He returned to LSU in 1999 to complete a Masters in Engineering Science on UV LIGA fabrication processes in 2001. Dr. Williams completed his PhD in Engineering Science from Louisiana State University in 2004 after developing a series of novel resist processes for high aspect ratio SU-8 microstructures using contact lithography and combining UV-LIGA processes to develop a micro-electromagnetic relay. In the summer of 2004, Dr. Williams moved to Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico where he was responsible for the science and technology development of LIGA microfabrication. At Sandia, Dr. Williams spearheaded the development of the tilted woodpile photonic crystal, and the lithographic patterning of transparent glass microstructures for the DARPA NGIMG project. During his 3.5 year tenure at SNL, Dr. Williams aided in the development of a dozen microfabricated devices, including THz waveguides, a handheld NMR, and the DARPA Nano Air Vehicle project. Dr. Williams left Sandia to join the Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty at UAHuntsville, in the spring of 2008. He is currently an assistant professor and Associate Director of the Nano Micro Devices Center. His interest include RF MEMS engineering, Bio inspired sensors, 3-D Photonics, and Glass MEMS.


Research Expertise

Dr. Williams’ research is focused primarily in the Electromechanical Engineering, Optics, and Materials Science.  He uses lithographic and electrochemical techniques to pattern polymers, metals and glasses for the development of mechanical, optical, and fluidic devices.  This fabrication process, commonly known as LIGA, uses any number of different lithographic light sources and electrochemical baths, requiring a solid understanding of materials science to accurately design and model and test the performance of these devices.

Honors & Awards

  • Sandia National Laboratories Outstanding Team Award: DARPA NGIMG, 2007
  • Cover of the Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS, 2010
  • Cited in the Microwave Journal as one of the “Top 10 Divine Innovations Changing the Future of Passive and Control Components” in Microwave Technologies, 2011


Recent Publications

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