Patrick Reardon, Ph.D.


 Assistant Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering


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     Physics, The University of Alabama
     Physics, The University of Alabama
     Physics, DePaul University, Chicago, IL



Dr. Patrick J. Reardon is currently an Asst. Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, and he is the Assoc. Director of the Center for Applied Optics. He is also the Deputy Director of the interdisciplinary Optical Science and Engineering Ph.D. program (OSE), and one of the BSOE Optical Engineering (OPE) faculty.

Prior to August 2013, Dr. Reardon has been a member of the UAH Center for Applied Optics since 1998, serving as Interim Director from 2010-2013.  Prior to that, he worked in industry from 1993-1998, as Chief Optical Designer for Teledyne Brown Engineering (1993-1996), Bright Concepts, Inc., (1997) and Johnson&Johnson Spectacle Lens Group (1998).

His research interests are in complex wavefront propagation and characterization, atmospheric beam propagation, optical and optical systems design, and optical fabrication and testing.  This includes free-form optical metrology, and annular segmented optics. 

Dr. Reardon’s PhD research was in optical design techniques for analogue optical computing. Over his career, he has worked on analogue optical computing, diffractive and micro-optics technology, IR seekers, IR zoom systems, and an optical system for a space borne protein crystal growth experiment. In the ophthalmic realm, he designed novel multi-focal intraocular lenses and developed metrology systems for testing them, and designed progressive addition spectacle lenses. Since coming to UAH, he has performed research in polarimeter calibration, space based Lidar, large optics metrology (cryogenic optical testing of the JWST primary mirror segments), eye oximetry, ophthalmic optics and optical systems design and analysis.  He is currently working in ophthalmic optics, characterization, correction and accommodation of atmospheric turbulence and the performance of annular segmented optical systems.

Research Expertise

  • Optical and optical systems design
  • Optical Testing
  • Optical effects from atmospheric turbulence
  • Multi-phase annular optical systems


Recent Publications

“Fiber reference misalignment induced error in cylindrical wave interferometry,” Alatawi, A., Reardon. P.J., Liu, F., Optics Express, 23(12), pp. 15406-15417, (6/3/2015)

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