Graduate Study in ECE

Graduate study within the ECE Department is designed to cultivate the critical thinking skills which are necessary to advance the state-of-the-art of electrical, computer, optical and software-based technology. Our coursework and degree programs have been designed to give students the opportunity to utilize both the vertical and lateral thought processes that are needed to solve modern engineering problems. This study is designed to benefit people who are interested in careers in industry, academia, and engineering research.

Graduate study in the ECE Department is open to students who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical, Computer, Optical Science, or a related discipline. The curriculum is tailored around the student’s needs to allow them to narrow their focus around specific sub-disciplines or to expand their knowledge base from a related discipline into a new technological domain.

The ECE Department offers a full range of graduate degree options through the Ph.D. level. These options include:

  • MSE - Master of Science in Engineering with option in Computer Engineering
  • MSE - Master of Science in Engineering with option in Electrical engineering
  • MSE - Master of Science in Engineering with option in Optics and Photonics
  • MSSE – Master of Science in Software Engineering
  • MSCBS - Master of Science in Cybersecurity
  • PhD - Computer Engineering
  • PhD - Electrical Engineering
  • PhD - Optical Science and Engineering

For more information about the ECE Graduate programs please contact:


Dr. Junpeng Guo

ECE Graduate Program Coordinator