The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is located primarily in the Engineering Building. Most optics-related research facilities and faculty are in the adjacent Optics Building. Technology Hall provides some space for Computer Engineering instruction and research, including the CRASH Laboratory.

The University maintains science and engineering collections in its main library, adequate for most needs. In addition, the excellent Redstone Arsenal Library is available to faculty and students who are US citizens.

Students and faculty have access to a variety of minicomputers and workstations. All the departments offices contain at least one PC and all the departmental laboratories are equipped with PCs and/or unix workstations. Primarily, the department supports PC and unix systems. However, there are a wide variety of systems within the ECE department.

Engineering Building

Engineering Building

  • College of Engineering General PC Labs
  • Unix Labs I and II
  • Dynamic Systems Simulation/Computation Lab
  • Multi Media Development Lab
  • Multi Media/Digital Signal Processing Classroom
  • LaCASA
  • Cyber Chargers Lab
  • Electronics Labs I and II
Optics Building

Optics Building

  • Photonics Lab
  • Optoelectronics
  • Optical Hybrid Computing
  • Nano-Microfabrication Laboratory
  • Laser Science and Engineering Lab
  • Laser Science and Engineering Computer Lab
  • Laser Science and Engineering Experimental Lab
  • Transistor and MEMS Undergrad Microfabrication Lab
Tech Hall

Technology Hall

  • Microcomputer Lab
  • Rapid Prototyping Lab
  • Real-Time Systems Lab
  • Communication Systems Lab
  • Digital Signal Processing/Microcontroller Lab
  • Solid State Device and Mixed Mode VLSI Design Lab

Other Labs

  • CPE Senior Design Lab
  • Parallel Processing Lab
  • Electronics Project/Senior Design Lab
  • Wireless Communication Development Lab
  • Computer Systems Lab (CRASH)
  • EE Senior Design Lab
  • Integrated Biometrics Lab
  • Controls and Dynamic Systems Lab
  • MEMS Fabrication Technology Lab
  • Applied Microtechnology Lab