Undergraduate Civil Engineering Courses

101 Prelude to Civil Engineering (1 hr)

Primer in the practice of civil engineering and engineering design concepts. Includes history and seminars on different branches of civil engineering by faculty and professionals. Exercises in planning and design of a team project. Students will be required to write a short design proposal and present their results.

Prerequisites: None.

111 Civil Engineering Graphics (2 hrs)

Fundamental concepts in computer-aided graphics as they apply to civil engineering. Topics include lettering, sketching, manipulation of elements, rotation of views, and input of data. Students will gain engineering practice through AutoCAD or other state of the art laboratory exercises. Freshman CE standing.

Prerequisites: MA 112 or Level II Placement, Freshman CE Standing.

271 Statics (3 hrs)

Topics include: forces, resultant forces, moments, couples equivalent force systems, equilibrium, distributed loads, two force members, trusses, centroids, moments of inertia, shear and bending moment diagrams, static and kinematic friction.

Prerequisites: PH 111, Prerequisite with concurrency: MA 201.

272 Dynamics (3 hrs)

Kinematics and kinetics of particle and systems of particles with applications to central force motion, impact, relative motion, vibrations, and variable mass systems. Dynamics of rigid body in plane motion, relative motion in rotating coordinates, and gyroscopic motion.

Prerequisites: CPE 112, MAE/CE 271.

284 Surveying (2 hrs)

Basic theory and practical field methods for engineering applications. Measurements and errors in surveying. Leveling, traversing, stadia, topographic surveys, mapping, and circular curves. 1.5 hour lecture and 2 hour lab.

Prerequisite with concurrency: CE111, or consent of instructor/advisor.

321 Transportation Engineering and Design (3 hrs)

Theory, design, and operation of various modes of transportation with emphasis on traffic flow.

Prerequisite: CE 284, MA 171.

370 Mechanics of Materials (4 hrs)

Topics include: theory of stress and strain. Hooke's law, analysis of stresses and deformations in bodies loaded by axial, torsional, bending and combined loads, and analysis of statically indeterminate systems. Required laboratory section includes: the determination of selected properties of various engineering materials, experimental verification of theories presented, use of strain measuring devices, test procedures, instrumentation, and interpretation of results.

Prerequisites: CPE 112, MAE/CE 271, Corequisite: CE 370L.

372 Soil Mechanics (3 hrs)

Index properties and characteristics of soils. Compaction, shear, compressibility and permeability. Application to analysis and design of foundation elements. Laboratory included.

Prerequisite: CE 370; with concurrency: MAE 310.

373 Soil Mechanics Lab (1 hr)

Laboratory classification of soils. Determination of soil properties.

Co-requisite: CE 372.

380 Civil Engineering Materials (3 hrs)

A study of the performance properties and selection criteria of various materials used in the practice of civil engineering. These include aggregates, Portland cement, concrete, bituminous materials, and timber. Emphasis will be placed on standard methods of testing and characterization. Includes a 3 hour weekly lab.

Prerequisite: CE 370, Co-Requisite: CE 380L.

380 Civil Engineering Materials Lab (0 hrs)

Standard methods of testing and characterization of various materials used in the practice of civil engineering. Determination of civil engineering materials properties.

Prerequisite: CE 370, Co-Requisite: CE 380.

381 Structural Analysis I (3 hrs)

Reactions, shears, moments in determinate structures. Influence lines, energy methods in computing deformations. Introduction to indeterminate structures.

Prerequisites: CE 272, CE 370.

411 Introduction to Geographical Information Systems (3 hrs)

Introduces vector, raster, and tabular concepts, emphasizing the vector approach. Topics include: spatial relationships, map features, attributes, relational database, layers of data, data ingesting, digitizing from maps, projections, output, applications, and availability of public data sets.

Prerequisite: Senior standing or approval of instructor.

412 Advanced CE Graphics(3 hrs)

Civil Engineering industry-trending geospatial and graphics technologies. 3-Dimensional land development workflows, GPS data acquisition and processing of aerial, lidar and topographic surveys, internet data resources, terrain modeling and depiction of existing site conditions, earthwork, sanitary, drainage, and transportation design methodologies within the graphical CAD environment, modeling and rendering of design solutions, automation of plan, profile, cross section, and project sheet drawing packages. Current and future trends in integrated mapping, modeling and integration of geospatial analysis and design.

420 Urban Transportation Planning (3 hrs)

Planning of highway systems and terminals as part of a complete planning approach; public transportation system planning; transportation planning studies, projection analysis, plan formulation, and programming.

Prerequisite: CE 321.

422 Traffic Engineering Design (3 hrs)

Driver, pedestrian and vehicle characteristics. Principles of traffic flow for improved highway traffic service and safety. Design freeways, rural roads, urban streets, traffic signals, signs, channelization, and other traffic control measures.

Prerequisite: CE 321.

441 Hydraulic Engineering Design (3 hrs)

Analysis and design of pipe and water distribution systems, hydraulic structures such as dams, spillways, and non-erodible channels, principles of centrifugal pumps and pump selection.

Prerequisite: MAE 310.

449 Introduction to Environmental Engineering (3 hrs)

Engineering aspects of air, water, and thermal pollution. Hydrologic cycle, water sources and uses; industrial and other sources of primary and secondary pollutants. Transport process in environmental problems and their control.

Prerequisite: MAE 341; with concurrency: MAE 310.

456 Water Quality Control Processes (3 hrs)

Principles of public water-supply design. Source selection, collection, purification, and distribution for municipal use. Collection of waste waters, their treatment and disposal.

Prerequisite: CE 449/549.

457 Hydrology (3 hrs)

Occurrence and movements of water over the earth's surface for engineering planning and design. Relationship of precipitation to stream-flow with frequency analysis, flood routing, and unit hydrograph theory.

Prerequisite: MAE 310.

458 Environmental Engineering Design (3 hrs)

Engineering design and project management of environmental quality/restoration systems. Students will complete a design project focusing on one of the following systems: sanitary landfill, municipal incinerator, or groundwater/site remediation. Addresses skills for technical presentations and proposal writing as well as process design and decision making.

Prerequisite with concurrency: CE 449

459 Selected Topics in Civil Engineering (1-3 hrs)

473 Earth Structures Engineering (3hrs)

Principles of earth structure design. Theories of earth pressures and the design of retaining wall systems including gravity, cantilever, mechanically stabilized earth, flexible sheet pile, and anchored wall systems. Methods of stability analyses for retaining walls, earth slopes, and embankment design.

Prerequisites: CE 372, CE 373.

481 Structural Analysis II (3 hrs)

Reactions, shears, moments and deformations in complex structural systems. Statically indeterminate systems, advanced geometric and energy methods.

Prerequisite: CE 381.

483 Reinforced Concrete Design (3 hrs)

Theory and practice of reinforced concrete design. Theory and design of high strength concrete mixtures. Design of reinforced concrete beams, slabs, and columns using the ultimate strength design code of the American Concrete Institute.

Prerequisite: CE 380, CE 381.

484 Steel Design (3 hrs)

Principles of design of steel structures using LRFD methods. Analysis and design of structural elements including beams, columns, connection details.

Prerequisite: CE 381 and MA 244.

485 Foundation Engineering (3 hrs)

Design of foundations with emphasis on reinforced concrete, footings, caissons, piles, retaining walls, and mat foundations. Effect of bearing pressure on foundations.

Prerequisites: CE 372 and CE 483.

487 Bridge Design (3 hrs)

General Considerations for Design and Load Capacity Evaluation of Highway Bridges. Introduction to Load and Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) Philosophy. Bridge Loads and Load Distribution. Design of Bridge Deck. Prestressed Concrete Bridges. Composite Steel Bridges. Bridge Substructures. Load Rating.

Prerequisites: CE 483 (Same as CE 583).

498 Civil Engineering Design I (1 hr)

Planning and analysis for a preliminary civil engineering design project. Topics include fundamentals of management, public policy, cost estimation, environmental impacts, soils analysis, and ethical considerations. Part 1 of a 2-part course.

Prerequisites: CE 321, Prerequisite with concurrency: CE 372, Prerequisite with concurrency: CE 483, and Senior standing.

499 Civil Engineering Design II (2 hrs)

Analysis and design of a complete civil engineering project including establishment of design criteria, cost estimates, specifications, and plans. Topics include ethical considerations in engineering design and practice. Emphasis on developing written and oral communication skills.

Co-Requisite: CE 498, CE 499L (FE Review), CE 483

499L Laboratory Component of Civil Engineering Design II (1 hr)

Students enrolling in CE 499L must enroll concurrently in CE 499.

Prerequisite: Senior standing.