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UAH working to enhance off-the-shelf helicopters for military and commercial use

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UAH student seeking ‘Holy Grail’ of rocket propulsion system

George Bekken Electrical Outstanding Undergrad 2013 smUAHuntsville College of Engineering professors and students are honored at E-week banquet hosted by the Society of American Military Engineers on February 21, 20013. 

  • Dr. B. Earl Wells recieved Award as Outstanding Educator from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • John Ross received Outstanding Student at UAH Award from IEEE
  • Dr. Nagendra Singh recieved UAHuntsville College of Engineering Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Dr. Yuri Shtessel has been recognized as Outsanding Senior Faculty, and
  • Dr. Babak Shotorban has been recognized as Oustanding Junior Faculty


Outstanding Graduate Students


Mar Piernavieja-Hermida

Chemical and Materials Engineering

Rajesh Vuddandam

Civil and Enviromental Engineering

Hai Sheng Leong

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Stephanie Brown Reitmeier

ISE and Engineering Management

John Bennewitz

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Outstanding Undergraduate Student


Matthew Denny

Aerospace Engineering

Stephen R. Kirk

Chemical Engineering

Marvin Viktor Standekar

Civil Engineering

Joshua M. Moser

Computer Engineering

George E. Bekken

Electrical Engineering

Roger Gregory Burt

Idustrial and Systems Engineering

Caroline Bryson

Mechanical Engineering

Jessie T. Hazen

Optical Engineering