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Students can check out how to get involved in UAH research

Students can check out how to get involved in UAH research


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Aug 25
UAH Graduate Studies Program to Host GEM GRAD Lab Symposium
UAH Graduate Studies Program to Host GEM GRAD Lab Symposium


UAH Graduate Studies Program will host a GEM Grad Lab symposium on Saturday, Sept. 13. The event will focus on the professional benefits of under-represented groups to obtain graduate degrees in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) fields.

GEM Grad Lab is offered by UAH in partnership with the National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science (GEM). The free day-long symposium, will begin at 9:30 a.m., with registration in the Shelby Center for Science and Technology (room 109). While Grad Lab is a free event, seating is limited and registration is required. Please reserve your seat at: https://egem.gemfellowship.org/events/ViewEvent.aspx?contextID=10119 . A continental breakfast and lunch will be provided for registered Grad Lab participants.

"We could not be more excited about the opportunity to host this event for the state and region. The GEM Fellowship is focused on helping underrepresented students gain access to graduate education through a unique consortium between the universities and industry," said Dr. David Berkowitz, Dean of the UAH Graduate Program. "Our partner institutions such as Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi State and LSU will bring students to UAH and allow us to showcase our campus, labs and our programs. This unique event also provides an opportunity for our UAH students who are interested in programs at those fine institutions. Its a win-win for the students and the universities. I would encourage students who are interested in attending to contact the graduate school to reserve their participation."



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Dashen ShenProfessor
Electrical & Computer Engineering


EB 263C
(256) 824-6136
(256) 824-6803




     Princeton University, Electrical Materials and Devices
     Shanghai University of Technology, Applied physics


Prior to joining the faculty at UAH, Dr. Shen worked as a Staff Scientist at Glasstech Solar, Inc., in charge of research programs such as thin film transistors, solar cells, device modeling, plasma enhanced CVD materials, sputtered or eveporated thisn film materials. After joining UAH he developed a thin film materials and devices research laboratory and supervised graduate student projects there in addition to teaching related courses.

Research Expertise

Thin film semiconductor materials and devices, flat panel displays, solar cells, novel silicon-on-insulator materials and devices.

Honors & Awards

  • tbd

Recent Publications

"Design of an a-Si:H Interface Circuit for Liquid Crystal Chemical and Biological Sensor Array," Alireza Hassanzadeh, Robert G. Lindquist, and Dashen Shen, IEEE Sensors Journal, Vol. 12, NO. 5, p. 1284, May 2012.

"Plasma enhanced atomic layer deposition of HfO2 with in situ plasma treatment," Dawei Xu, Xinhong Cheng, Youwei Zhang, Zhongjian Wang, Cao Xia, Duo Cao, Yuehui Yu, Dashen Shen, J. Microelectronic Engineering, Volume 93, May, 2012 Pages 15-18, Elsevier Science. Oxford.

"A 680 V LDMOS on a thin SOI with an improved field oxide structure and dual field plate," Wang Zhongjian, Cheng Xinhong, Xia Chao, Xu Dawei, Cao Duo, Song Zhaorui, Yu Yuehui and Shen Dashen, Journal of Semiconductors, 2012,33(5):054003-4.

"Effects of Al2O3 on Thermal Stability and Electrical Reliability of HfO2 Film on Strained SiGe," Dapeng Xu, Li Wang, Xinhong Cheng, Dawei He, Zhaorei Song, Yuehui Yu,  Rare Metal Materials & Engineering; Aug. 2011, Vol. 40 Issue 8, p1344-1347. Elsevier Science. Oxford

"The properties of high-k gate dielectric films deposited on HRSOI," Xinhong Cheng, Dapeng Xu, Zhaorui Song, Dawei He, Yuehui Yu, Qingtai Zhao and Dashen Shen, Microelectronic Engineering, Vol. 86, Issue 12, pp. 2404-2407, 2009.

"Characterization of gadolinium oxide film by pulse laser deposition," Xinhong Cheng, Dapeng Xu, Zhaorui Song, Dawei He, Yuehui Yu, Qingtai Zhao, Dashen Shen, Applied Surface Science, Vol. 256, Issue 3, pp. 921-923, 2009.

"Interfacial and Electrical Characterization of HfO2 Gate Dielectric Film with a Blocking Layer of Al2O3,” Xinhong Cheng, Dawei He, Zhaorui Song, Yuehui Yu, Dashen Shen, Rare Metal Materials and Engineering, Vol. 38, Issue 2, pp. 189-192, 2009.

"Engineering of interfacial layer between HfAl2O5 dielectric film and Si with a Ti-capping layer," Xinhong Cheng, Zhaorui Song, Yumei Xing, Yuehui Yu and Dashen Shen, Thin Solid Films, Vol. 517, pp. 462-464, 2008

"Influence of preparing process on total-dose radiation response of high-k Hf-based gate dielectrics," Zhaorui Song, Xinhong Cheng, Enxia Zhang, Yumei Xing, Yuehui Yu, Zhengxuan Zhang, Xi Wang and Dashen Shen, Thin Solid Films, Vol. 517, pp. 465-467, 2008.

"The effect of blocking layer of Al2O3 on thermal stability and electrical properties of HfO2 dielectric films deposited on SiGe layer," Xinhong Cheng, Dawei He, Zhaorui Song, Yuehui Yu and Dashen Shen, Microelectronic Engineering, Vol. 85, pp. 1888-1891, 2008.

"Influence of nitrogen element on total-dose radiation response of high-k Hf-based dielectric films," Z.R. Song, X.H. Cheng, E.X. Zhang, Y.M. Xing, Q.W. Shen, Y.H. Yu, Z.X. Zhang, X. Wang and D.S. Shen, Nucl. Inst. Meth B. Vol. 257, p. 501-504, 2007.

"Interfacial structures and electrical properties of HfAl2O5 gate dielectric film annealed with a Ti capping layer," Xinhong Cheng, Li Wan, Zhaorui Song, Yuehui Yu and Dashen Shen, Appl. Phys Lett, vol. 90, 152910, 2007.