Weapons, Firearms, or Explosive Devices

7.2.16 Weapons, Firearms, or Explosive Devices

  1. Possession, transportation, and use of a firearm or other dangerous weapon on campus.
    A dangerous weapon is defined as any object, instrument, device or substance designed, adapted, intended, or capable of inflicting physical harm, injury or death on University property or at any activity sponsored by the University or by a University recognized/related group, except as expressly authorized by the University’s Dangerous Weapons and Firearms Policy.

  2. Some examples of prohibited possession, use, or distribution of a weapon or reasonable facsimile of a weapon, include but are not limited to: firearms, swords, spears, combat style knives (a knife having a blade over 6 inches), switchblades or stilettos, blowguns, slingshots, air rifles (BB guns, pellet guns, Air Soft guns, paint ball guns), Tasers, brass knuckles, clubs, blackjacks, or other similarly styled impact weapons, weapons associated with the Martial Arts (except where approved for training or demonstrations), ammunition, explosive devices, fireworks, incendiary devices, or any other device considered a dangerous weapon.