7.2.5 Dishonesty

  1. Furnishing false information to any University official, faculty member, authority, or office is prohibited.

  2. Forgery, alteration, falsification, misrepresentation or misuse of any University document, record, or instrument of identification.

  3. Prohibited behavior includes using another person’s University identification card for any purpose.

  4. Obtaining any services or thing of value from the University by false pretenses.

  5. Bribery, which shall mean the offer of or agreement to confer a thing of value on a University or student official with the intent of improperly influencing the action of such official; or the acceptance of a bribe, which shall mean the solicitation of or agreement to accept a thing of value by a student official with the understanding that action by such official shall be improperly influenced.

  6. Worthless Check(s). Negotiation or delivery of a check or other negotiable instrument with the intent, knowledge, or expectation that there will not be sufficient funds on account with the depository to cover it. It is evidence that the student had the requisite intent, knowledge, or expectation if he/she had no account with the depository at the time the check or instrument was given, or if the depository refuses payment for lack of funds and the student fails to pay the full amount due thereon, together with a service charge, within 10 days after receiving notice that payment was refused.