Damage, Theft, or Unauthorized Use of Property

7.2.4 Damage, Theft, or Unauthorized Use of Property

  1. Attempted or actual theft of and/or damage (including vandalism, littering, destruction, defacement, abuse, misuse, or tampering) to property of the University or property of a member of the University community or other personal or public property, on or off campus whether intentionally or by negligence is prohibited.

  2. The unauthorized use of University property for personal gain is also prohibited.

  3. Prohibited behaviors include unauthorized possession, duplication or use of keys to any University premises or unauthorized entry to or use of University premises.

  4. Unauthorized use of or access to information, in whatever form, proprietary to the University is prohibited. 

  5. Tampering with, disabling, obstructing, vandalizing, or interfering with the normal functioning of any portion of a safety or security monitoring system or monitored door, including, but not limited to, door alarms, cameras, card readers, street lights, or street signs is prohibited.

  6. Tampering with fire safety equipment, such as fire extinguishers and fire alarm devices; entering or reporting a false fire alarm; or setting or causing to be set any unauthorized fire on University property or at an activity sponsored by the University or by a University recognized/related group

  7. Unauthorized Entry. Unauthorized entry upon any University property or any University building or structure, or any part thereof, access to which has been restricted

  8. Entry Post Warning. Entry and/or remaining upon any University property or in any University building or structure, or any part thereof, after receiving an order by an authorized University official not to enter and/or remain

  9. Prohibited behavior include, but are not limited to, gambling on University property, theft, vandalism, possession of property known to be stolen, tampering with, impairing, disabling, or misusing fire protection systems such as fire detectors, sprinklers, alarms, and extinguishers.

  10. Use of a counterfeit or stolen UAH parking permit is prohibited.