Job Opportunities

Student Specialist II or III

Duties and Responsibilities

Current activities in this research area involve studies of the giant planet Saturn and its moon Titan with observations made by the infrared instrument on NASA’s CASSINI International Mission, with the Cassini Spacecraft, currently exploring the Saturn system on a long-range mission. The broad and general objectives of the mission are to increase our knowledge of the origin, formation, and evolution of the solar system. The specific work requires analyses of the observed data for retrieval of the atmospheric thermal structure, and trace gas distributions the two planetary bodies for scientific interpretation of the physical processes. The students will learn a variety of analytical techniques for remote sensing of planetary atmospheres, with the experience leading to Science oriented careers, as well as in Infrared Remote Sensing in other areas of applications. The students will have opportunities for Graduate Research programs funded by NASA.


Good academic record, with high grade-point average, good knowledge of computer programming (FORTRAN), interest in analytical techniques; ability to work on complex task, self-starter.

The approximate pay rate is $9.00 - $10.00.

Research Opportunity for Senior-Undergraduate Student

Opportunity available for senior undergraduate student, with good academic record, for participation in international research programs at the NASA-Marshall Space Flight Center, NSSTC, and the University of Huntsville, in the following area.

Application Instructions

Veronica Belser, Manager of CSPAR & The Department of Space Science, will conduct initial interviews. Please apply on-line and provide cover letter stating why you would be a good candidate for this position.

Please log in to Charger Path and apply with the following link:

Student Specialist II or III