ࡱ> 7:6y bjbj 4*{{u BB8$ Df(>>>>$\x>>p>>>Z9ER0D~YfDB b: Consent Form Jodi Price, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Psychology (256) 824-3321 Lifelong Learning Lab Laboratory Phone (256) 824-4590 University of Alabama in Huntsville Department of Psychology Huntsville, AL 35899 Purpose of Study The primary goal of this study is to examine how people approach learning unrelated word pairs (e.g., clown-spoon). Results from this research study and others like it that are conducted in our lab have the potential not only to increase our current understanding of learning and memory, but also to raise new questions that will further advance our science. You are being asked to participate in this study. We are asking that you commit 45 to 60 minutes of your time for this study. You will earn 2 research activity points by participating in this experiment. Experimental Procedures to be Followed You will be asked to complete a series of tasks. Some of the tasks that you will be asked to complete will be given on a computer and will require you to follow on-screen instructions and input your responses into the computer via mouse/keyboard. The computerized task will require you to study word pairs, for example, clown-spoon, that are worth varying point values. You will complete a number of trials in which you will study items and then attempt to recall the second word of each pair when presented with the first (e.g., clown - ?). The other task that you will be asked to complete will be paper-based and will ask you to provide basic demographic information. Confidentiality All of your answers to questions and responses will be kept strictly confidential. To protect the confidentiality of this information, we will assign you a code number that will only be known to the members of the research project. All of the information that you provide us today will be marked with the code number, not your name, and the information will be stored in a computer for analyses using only your code number for identification. The information is being collected solely for the purposes of understanding how memory and learning work. To make sure that this research is being carried out in the proper way, the UAHuntsville IRB will review study records. No indication of your memory skills or your answers to our questions will be given to anyone else. We want you to be completely confident that you may feel free to answer all questions without concern that it may affect you in any way. We are grateful for your willingness to participate in the research project. We need your help, because you and others will help us to accomplish our aims mentioned above. You will receive 2 research activity points for participating. We want you to know, however, that you are free to change your mind and withdraw from this research at any time. There will be no penalties for doing so; you will not lose any credit for withdrawing early from a session, but will not earn any credit either. If there are any problems that arise during your participation, please feel free to contact the project director, Dr. Jodi Price (256-824-3321; jodi.price@uah.edu), or Dr. Nicholaos Jones, IRB Chair (256-824-2338; nick.jones@uah.edu), at The University of Alabama in Huntsville to discuss the problems. Again, we are grateful for your help and want to make sure that your participation is a pleasant experience. Following your participation, you will be provided with an explanation of why this study was conducted. Discomfort and Risks There are no major physical risks involved in this study. There is a minor risk of eyestrain from reading the questionnaires and lists of words. However, should you feel at any time that you need additional rest, please ask the person assisting you. Again, although the risks in this study are minimal, if discomfort should occur, please tell the person assisting you immediately. Potential Benefits This study will provide knowledge about memory, self-paced study behaviors, and learning. This knowledge could be of potential benefit to others through our search for understanding of memory and learning disorders. Contact Person Please feel free to contact Dr. Jodi Price ( HYPERLINK "mailto:jodi.price@uah.edu" jodi.price@uah.edu) if you have any questions or concerns about this research study. By signing this form, you consent to take part in this research study. Your signature indicates that you read the information above and understand it completely. You also indicate that the researchers answered all of your questions to your satisfaction. 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