ࡱ> 241y bjbj ; {{ 44444HHHHdH^.x: $>f44444`O .0^4 w~^ :  Consent Form: Perceptions of Group Performance You are invited to participate in a study focusing on the performance of groups. The investigators are Amanda Pryor, Casey Thomas, and Payton Brown, students working under the supervision of Dr. Marita OBrien in the Psychology Department of the University of Alabama in Huntsville. We want to recruit 90 participants for this study. Please be advised that if you are under the age of 19, parental consent is required. PROCEDURE TO BE FOLLOWED IN THE STUDY: Participants who are 19 and older must sign and submit consent form from the Psychology Department before being administered the survey link to answer questions about the performance of groups (available from the Psychology Experiment page website). Participants who are 18 and younger will get a parent or guardians signature on this consent form (available from the Psychology Experiment page website). They will turn this written document in to the experimenters so that an emailed copy of the survey link can be sent to them. Once consent is given, you will read several short scenarios and answer questions about them. Participants completing the survey for partial course credit will enter their email address at the end of the survey to document participation. The study is expected to take up to thirty minutes to complete. DISCOMFORTS AND RISKS FROM PARTICIPATING IN THE STUDY: There is no physical risk associated with this study. EXPECTED BENEFITS: Personal benefit includes 1 research credit if you are a student enrolled in introductory level psychology courses at UAH. The study will further a better understanding of different conditions effect on the perception of group performance CONFIDENTIALITY OF RESULTS: Data for your session will be recorded as a participant number; thus, results are strictly confidential. Written consent forms will be destroyed after 12 months so that the ability to trace the participant number to you will be eliminated. The data from your session will only be released to those individuals who are directly involved in the study. FREEDOM TO WITHDRAW: You can withdraw your consent and stop participating in the project at any time. Withdrawal will not penalize your class credits, but neither will you gain credit. If you agree to participate in our project, please sign and date below. If you are under 19 years of age, you must have a signature of a parent/guardian. This study was approved by the Institutional Review Board at UAH and will expire in one year from . _________________________________ _______________________________________ Student Name (Please Print) Student Signature Date _________________________________ _______________________ _ Parent/Guardian Signature (if less than 19 years of age) Student email address (if under age 19, to receive survey link) Contact Person for Additional Information: Dr. Marita OBrien, UAH Psychology Department 824-2318  HYPERLINK "mailto:Marita.obrien@uah.edu" Marita.obrien@uah.edu Contact Person for IRB: Dr. Nicholaos Jones, UAH Department of Philosophy  HYPERLINK "tel:256-824-2338" \t "_blank" 256-824-2338 HYPERLINK "mailto:Nick.Jones@uah.edu" \t "_blank" Nick.Jones@uah.edu /0J\ D J K Q Y a c d  " } p q r   & 4 5 @ B D E F F,BIVWpy hHsJCJ hCJ hCJ h:mCJ h"XCJ h:m>*CJ h3CJ h}CJ hHoCJ huCJ h8SCJ h]GCJ hLYCJ h/uCJ h\UCJ?12 E F 89012~ `d(^`d(gd!` yz567.012UV~68wy{|ŻŻ|qh:mh}CJaJhBCJaJh:mh\UCJaJ h\U>*CJh:mht>*CJaJ haJ ht>*CJ htaJ h\UaJhth\U>*CJ htCJ hB>*CJ hCJ h8SCJhHohHo6CJ hLCCJ hHoCJ h\UCJ h CJ*z{|1~-D1$7$8$H$M ^`gd(tz-D1$7$8$H$M ^`zgdB^gd:m `d(^`/01ILd}~嘍vh(th:mCJaJh:mh:m>*CJaJhE=hHsJCJaJhE=hHsJ>*CJaJ!h:mh:m0JB*CJaJphh:mh:mCJaJjh:mh:mCJUaJh:mh|4CJaJh:mh}CJaJh:mh\UCJaJhBCJaJh:mCJaJ90PBP/ =!`"`#`$`%`` Dp^ 02 0@P`p2( 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p 0@P`p8XV~_HmH nH sH tH H`H Normal1$7$8$H$_HaJmH sH tH DA D Default Paragraph FontViV  Table Normal :V 44 la (k (No List <& < Footnote Reference4U`4 :m0 Hyperlink >*phB/B :mapple-converted-spaceH@"H HsJ Balloon TextCJOJQJ^JaJNo1N HsJBalloon Text CharCJOJQJ^JaJPK![Content_Types].xmlN0EH-J@%ǎǢ|ș$زULTB l,3;rØJB+$G]7O٭V$ !)O^rC$y@/yH*񄴽)޵߻UDb`}"qۋJחX^)I`nEp)liV[]1M<OP6r=zgbIguSebORD۫qu gZo~ٺlAplxpT0+[}`jzAV2Fi@qv֬5\|ʜ̭NleXdsjcs7f W+Ն7`g ȘJj|h(KD- dXiJ؇(x$( :;˹! 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