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SGA Senators are elected two times per year and represent each of the colleges at UAH as well as classes (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate).

Garrett Ake3

Garrett Ake

Freshman Classgda0003@uah.edu
Elliot Wheaton2

Elliot Wheaton

Freshman Classelw0008@uah.edu
Austin Finley3

Austin Finley

Sophomore ClassPublic Relations & Marketing Coordinatoratf0004@uah.edu
Michael Gvodas2

Michael Gvodas

Sophomore Classmdg0018@uah.edu
Brittany Eaton

Brittany Eaton

Junior Classbme0007@uah.edu
Luke Murphy3

Luke Murphy

Junior Classljm0004@uah.edu
Henry Wheaton2

Henry Wheaton

Junior Classhlw0004@uah.edu
Kareem Omar2

Kareem Omar

Senior ClassRules and Revisions Coordinatorkareem.omar@uah.edu
Brittani Searcy4

Brittani Searcy

Senior Classbrs0004@uah.edu
Brittany Bailey2

Brittany Bailey

College of Engineeringbcb0013@uah.edu
Victoria Eccles4

Victoria Eccles

College of Engineeringve0005@uah.edu
Craig Hunt5

Craig Hunt

College of Engineeringcraig.hunt@uah.edu
Jacob Jones3

Jacob Jones

College of Engineeringjhj0002@uah.edu
Evan Mitchell4

Evan Mitchell

College of Engineeringetm0003@uah.edu


Brandon Straight4

Brandon Straight

College of Engineeringbjs0013@uah.edu
Haley Davis3

Haley Davis

College of Science Campus Affairs Coordinatorhed0002@uah.edu
Komal Patel3

Komal Patel

College of Sciencekkp0003@uah.edu
Kadeidra Bowie2

Kadeidra Bowie

College of Businesskob0002@uah.edu
Hisham Haqq4

Hisham Haqq

College of Businesshah0008@uah.edu
Chanty Jackson4

Chanty Jackson

College of Businesscfj0002@uah.edu
Alex Mintari2

Alexander Mintari

College of Businessawm0012@uah.edu
Kristin Monaco4

Kristin Monaco

College of Nursingknm0014@uah.edu
Chris Finch4

Chris Finch

College of Nursingcmf0002@uah.edu
Reem Musa

Reem Musa

College of Nursingrhm0005@uah.edu
Rachel Byrd2

Rachel Byrd

College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciencesrmb0014@uah.edu
Claudia Mesnil2

Claudia Mesnil-Baez

College of Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciencescmm0018@uah.edu
Krishan Magan2

Krishan Magan

College of Graduate Studiesksm0052@uah.edu