CS582 Spring 2014

CS 582 Modeling and Simulation II

Spring 2014


Days and times:      Monday and Wednesday, 5:30pm–6:50pm
Place:                        Technology Hall N308

Instructor:                 Dr. Mikel D. Petty

Contact:                    256-824-4368

Office hours:             Monday and Wednesday, 3:00pm–5:00pm, Technology Hall N300G
Research office:      Shelby Center, Room 144


Course description:  Advanced methods in physics-based modeling and simulation software development.  Development of models and software for large simulation systems, including high-performance parallel simulations and real-time distributed simulations.  Simulation interoperability using the High Level Architecture and commercial products.  Team-based development of interactive simulation systems.  Team participation in international simulation event.


Prerequisites: CS581 or MOD 501


Textbook:  None; online materials will be made available.


Lecture slides 


Course Introduction

SIW Plenary 2012

2013 Smackdown Recap

Concepts and protocols 

Time management tutorial

Time management code examples


Other materials



Simulation Exploration Experience (SEE) 2014 web site

Pitch HLA tutorial

CS 582 13S Final Report

Downloading HLA standards

2013 source code

Moller slides part 1

Bland presentation HLA Module for Orbiter