Meal Plan Requirements

2014 - 2015 Meal Plans Requirment 

$1,400 Meal Plans #1 - #4  satisfies minimum requirement for FRESHMAN living on campus.


#1. 19 meals/wk, 75 Charger Bucks     

#2. 14 meals/wk, 175 Charger Bucks (default) 

#3. 8 meals/wk, 325 Charger Bucks

#4. 80 meals/sem, 575 Charger Bucks


$450 Meal Plan #5 satisfies minimum requirement for UPPERCLASS RESIDENTS of North Campus and Charger Village Residence Halls.

#5. $450 Dining Dollars

$260 Meal Plan #6 satisfies minimum requirement for FULL TIME OFF CAMPUS STUDENTS and on-campus residents of Southeast Campus and Greek Housing.

#6. $260 Dining Dollars 

$515 Meal Plans upgrade options

#7. 4 meals/wk, 100 Charger Bucks

#8. 60 meals/sem, 100 Charger Bucks

If you prefer the default meal plan for your requirement, you do not have to submit a special request. We only need written requests from students who prefer another option. Meal plan requests may be submitted to our email address:  Please include your full name, student identification (A) number and meal fee requirement, if applicable. You may also deliver a completed meal plan request form to our office in UC 147.

Six-week Trial Residents

Students living in University Housing for the six-week trial period have the minimum meal plan requirement of $260 for that period.  However, if they choose to remain in Housing for the academic year, they will acquire the meal plan requirement and semester rate associated with their class rank and room assignment.  The students’ meal fee will be prorated based on this information and the initial deposit on their Charger Card. An additional fee will be charged to their student account for immediate payment, unless they had previously chosen a full semester meal plan that meets or exceeds their requirement. 

 Trial residents may request a full semester meal plan during any time of the trial period.  The prorated charge will be calculated by the weekly rate and the number of remaining weeks in the semester at the time the meal plan assignment is made.  Once the charge has been determined, we shall calculate the percentage of that amount to the total semester rate.  That percentage will be applied to the number of Charger Bucks, Dining Dollars, and or meals to be assigned.  The meals of weekly plans will begin upon the effective date of the plan’s assignment.

Trial residents have one week following the six-week period to submit a written request for meal plan preference to the Charger Card Office, or they will keep the default plan for their requirement.

Week #1-2          Additional fee charged for full semester rate of meal plan requirement.
Plan will replace trial period requirement;
Usage will be applied to new plan, unless total spent  exceeds amount available for conversion . 

Week #3              Additional fee charged for 80% of meal plan requirement
Trial period requirement will remain on card.

Week #4              Additional fee charged for 73% of meal plan requirement
Trial period requirement will remain on card.

Week #5              Additional fee charged for 67% of meal plan requirement
Trial period requirement will remain on card.

Week #6              Additional fee charged for 60% of meal plan requirement
Trial period requirement will remain on card.


Summer Semester

Since the majority of our student population takes a break from study during the summer, Dining Services closes all on-campus dining venues except Charger Café and the Bevill Center. Their summer patrons mostly consist of conference guests and campers, so the Café's hours of operation are sporadic and menu offerings are limited. The only card account available for use during the summer is Flex.

Dining Services

On-Campus Locations:

  • Charger Café – UC
  • Sandella's - UC
  • Charger Brew serving Starbucks – UC and Library
  • Gardenview Café – Bevill Center
  • Papa John's Pizza – Charger Village Food Court
  • Chik-Fil-A – Charger Village Food Court
  • Blues C-Store serving Boar's Head – Charger Village Food Court
  • Dunkin Donuts - Charger Union
  • WOW Cafe - Charger Union