Supply Chain Management Association


The University of Alabama Huntsville SCMA vision is to learn and share knowledge about how companies’ best serve their customers and collaborate with their suppliers. Our organization is open to all majors, in all colleges and all concentrations. In particular we go beyond the academic curriculum with hands-on experience through

  • speaker events on supply chain issues and applications
  • plant and company tours to see supply chains in practice
  • competitions and simulations
  • recruiting information for internship and full-time positions in Supply Chain capacities
  • connection to other professional affiliations and programs and other schools on their events

Executive Team, 2013-2014

  • President:  Patricia Gooch            
  • Vice President: Ben Varner
  • Treasurer: Anna Soloveichik
  • Secretary: Melissa Brandsmeier

Contact us

Feel free to contact us through the University at or visit our Facebook page.