Romania10Course Description

Graduate and upper-level undergraduate students at UAHuntsville are invited to participate in a  two week summer study abroad program in Romania during the month of June. Students can earn three or six hours of business credit, which can be used as elective credit for non-business majors. Courses offered during the summer session are MGT 490 and MGT 470 for undergraduates and MGT 570 and MGT 650 for graduate students. Classes will be taught in English at the Romanian-American University in Bucharest, Romania. The RAU is where we stay and have our classes.  UAHuntsville students study International Business topics, with Romanian students.Topics to be covered include globalization, international business management, international finance,  international trade, and negotiation. 

There are 12 hours of classes prior to leaving for Romania.  The dates for this year's trip are June 9 - June 21, 2013.

We also tour Bucharest landmarks and have a dinner featuring Romanian cultural music and dancing.  During the weekend between the two weeks of classes, we take a trip into the Transylvanian mountains.   We visit Dracula’s (Vlad Tepes) castle and spend Saturday night in the Medieval City of Brasov.

Expected Instructors

The course is taught by both Romanian-American University professors and UAHuntsville professors.  This year, they are expected to include:  Dr. Florin Bonciu, Dr. Ovidu Folcutt, Dr. Mihai Sebea, Dr. Valeriu Potecca, Dr. Charles Hickman, and Dr. James McCollum. 

What the Students Say:

“This kind of experience should be required in allbusiness programs in the U.S. It gave me a muchexpanded view of life, far beyond that provided byany other courses.”

— Steve Mann

“I can’t say enough positive things about my experience.”

— Michelle Belo

“… one of the greatest experiences of my life. I will certainly recommend it as an experience to any student at UAH.”

— Elizabeth Henderson

“The course was a wonderful introduction tointernational business.”

— Sherita Cummings



“I would highly recommend this class to anyone working on a business degree. In this age of globalization, people need to be introduced to as many cultures as possible.”

— Donny Bryan

“I will forever remember the experience. If the opportunity arises, I will not hesitate to return.”

— Elizabeth McCarty

“The more I can learn about key business topics,the more competitive I become in my career. I believethis overseas experience was an enhancementto both.”

— Chris Mount



Dr. James McCollum
Phone: 256.479-0772