CMG Organization and Structure

The CMG was originally organized as a club open to any student at the university. However, as we progressed through the program, increasing levels of investment knowledge were being required of the students as we developed, established, and refined our current methodology and strategy. The result is that the CMG has now reached a level of sophistication in its methodology that requires students to have a fairly high level of understanding of investment concepts and strategy. For this reason, students must now first complete FIN 460 (Investments) as a prerequisite to being a member of the CMG. Today, the CMG is actually a 3-hour course (FIN 400/500). Since FIN 460 is offered only in the fall term, FIN 400/500 is offered only in the spring term. Therefore, students desiring to be in the CMG must plan to take FIN 460 in the fall semester. They apply to be in the CMG at the end of the fall term, with selections made before the end of the semester.

The students who make up the CMG each year are selected by the finance faculty. A number of factors are considered in the selection process including (but not limited to):

  • Overall academic performance
  • Academic performance in finance courses
  • Performance in FIN 460
  • Level of class participation
  • Ability to work with others
  • Level of interest and excitement about investing

Generally, ten students are chosen to be on the CMG team. Nine of the students are each assigned to one of the economic sectors associated with the S&P 500 Index (with energy and utilities combined into one sector). The tenth student is the international analyst and is responsible for managing the Charger Fund.

The CMG is organized as simply as possible to accomplish its objective. It is composed of an Oversight Board, an Advisory Board, a Faculty Advisor, and the Student Analysts.

The CMG Oversight Board

The Oversight Board oversees the activities of the CMG. They may be called upon to help create an effective organizational structure, oversee the implementation of the portfolio agreement with adequate controls, and assist in providing educational opportunities for the students. They are invited to participate in the annual CMG presentation. The current members of the Oversight Board are:

  • Mr. W.F. Sanders, Vice-President - Smith Barney
  • Mrs. Mary Lou Durkee, Private Investor
  • Mr. Robert Mayes, President and CEO - Blue Creek Investment Partners
  • Dr. Caron St. John, Dean of the College of Business Administration - UAHuntsville
  • Dr. Dorla Evans, Chair, Dept. of Accounting and Finance - UAHuntsville
  • Dr. John Burnett (ex officio), CMG Faculty Advisor, Associate Professor of the College of Business- UAHuntsville

The Faculty Advisor

The Faculty Advisor organizes the course, acts as a liaison to the Oversight and Advisory Boards, acts as the liason to the TVA, executes transactions, and monitors compliance with the TVA and Charger Fund investment agreements.

The Student Analysts

The Student Analysts gather and analyze company and industry-wide data about common stocks, and make oral and written recommendations for appropriate investment actions.