Entrepreneurship Club

Our mission is to advance entrepreneurship on UAHuntsville campus by gathering like-minded students and immersing them in experiences that develop their skill sets and enhance their abilities to start their own businesses.

UAHuntsville Entrepreneurship Club website

Who Are We?

The E-Club is an organization with membership open to all majors across campus.  We bring together students who are already entrepreneurs or who want to check out their options.  Speakers frequently include entrepreneurs and those who facilitate the entrepreneurial process (e.g., financiers, lawyers).   Primarily, we want to be known for providing experiences in entrepreneurship. 

Get Involved

We want a diverse student body involved in the E-Club.  We are very active.  Would UAHuntsville support a bike rental business?  Or what about a new coffee shop on campus?  We have studied these opportunities and others.  You can help current members with their businesses or business launch ideas.  Or have an idea of your own?  Get matched with a business mentor through the Entrepreneurship Door program.  Help plan and execute our annual networking event with entrepreneurs.  There are many ways to get involved and ways waiting to be innovated by you!

Networking Opportunities

Networking is an experience that connects the classroom to the world beyond.  We offer an annual networking event with students and entrepreneurs.  This may be your first opportunity to interact in a professional environment with CEOs and other top professionals.  Bring your ideas and share your passion with them.  Learn from them and wow them with what you have to offer.   Who knows?  You may find a partner or an investor. 

We offer a 48-hour business launch competition in the fall semester.  Network with like-minded students, serial entrepreneurs, experts in areas you need to successfully plan a business, and faculty.  Help us make this an event one that everybody looks forward to every year.

Career Paths

Entrepreneurship is not your typical career path.  We want students who seek to invest their futures in themselves.

For More Information

If you would like more information about the UAHuntsville Entrepreneurship Club, contact Dr. John Whitman or visit the more frequently-updated web site:  UAH Entrepreneurship Club.