Capital Management Group

The UAH Capital Management Group (CMG) is the university’s student investment management team. The CMG was formed in March 1998 when the Tennessee Valley Authority launched the TVA Investment Challenge Program (ICP).  The ICP is a generous educational opportunity to fund student investment groups at schools within the TVA service region. The program started with 19 public universities, and there are now 25 schools participating.  The CMG was formed to serve as UAHuntsville's student investment team for the ICP, and we are still a part of the program.

The TVA ICP gave us the opportunity to launch a second student-managed investment fund. In 2006 the TVA awarded the CMG $20,000 in prize money for their outstanding performance in 2005. We used the money to launch the Charger fund, so the CMG now manages two investment portfolios: the $450,000 large-cap equity portfolio for the TVA ICP, and their own $24,000 international Charger Fund.

CMG Sponsor

bluecreek logo2Through a generous partnership, the CMG is sponsored by Blue Creek Investment Partners, a local investment management firm.  Blue Creek currently serves a wide range of clients, including many high net worth private investors as well as a variety of institutional clients. Blue Creek CEO, Robert Mayes, has been a loyal supporter of the UAHuntsville Business School for many years.  We are honored that he has so graciously continued that support through this sponsorship.

Mayes Robert

Robert Mayes is a founding partner of Blue Creek Investment Partners where he also serves as CEO.  Mr. Mayes began his career in financial planning and asset management with Merrill Lynch.  From 1996 to 1999 he served as the branch manager here in Huntsville, and by the time he left the firm he led a team that managed more than $450 million in assets. In addition to being the Chair Elect of the Huntsville Madison County Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Mayes also serves on the board of directors for Torch Concepts Inc., the Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, the Buckley School of Public Speaking, as well as the College’s Business Advisory Council.  He is also an Ambassador for the Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology and a past chairman of the board for the Huntsville Hospital Foundation. 


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