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Take Charge Go GREEN! Progress

Residence Hall Energy / Recycling Competition

Data was collected on Fridays during the contest.

Final Results

Total Points Graph - Final

kWh per Student Total Graph - Final

Pounds Aluminum per Student Total

Pounds Paper per student Total Graph - Final

Program Points Week Total Graph - Final

Total Points Summary Chart - Final

Week 3 Results

Total Points Graph - Week 3

kWh per student graph - Week 3

Pounds aluminum per student graph - Week 3

Pounds paper per student graph - Week 3

Points By Category - Week 3

Points by Category chart - Week 3

Week 3 Statistics

Statistics Chart - Week 3

Previous Weekly Results

Week 2

Total Points graph - Week 2

kWh per student graph - Week 2

Points By Category - Week 2

Points by category chart - Week 2

Week 2 Statistics

Week 2 Statistics Chart

Note: No weekly recycling points were awarded - residence halls did not place their recycling out for pickup and weighing

Week 1

Total points graph - week 1

kWh per student graph - week 1

pounds aluminum per student graph - week 1

Points By Category - Week 1

Points by category chart - week 1

NOTE: CCRH paper recycling was contaminated with food containers and could not be included in this week's results. NO food containers of any type should be placed in paper recycling. Food contamination will result in the disqualification of any contaminated paper recycling container.

Week 1 Statistics

Statistics chart - week 1