Certificate in Technology and Innovation Management

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Offered at night to accommodate working professionals, the Technology & Innovation Management Certificate prepares graduates for managerial roles in technology businesses.  Topics include technology & innovation management, new product development, marketing in high technology environments, project management, management of technical professionals, and entrepreneurship.

Because it is a graduate program, some of the credit hours earned in the technology & innovation management program can also be applied toward a master's degree.


For additional information about the Technology & Innovation Management Certificate program at the UAH College of Business Administration, please call or contact:

Jennifer Pettitt
Phone: 256.824.6681


Technology and Innovation Management Courses

Courses (18 Hours)

Course Number Title Semester Hours
MGT 601 Introduction to Technology Development 3 hrs.
MKT 604 New Product Development 3 hrs.
MKT 606 Marketing in a High Technology Environment 3 hrs.
MGT 640 Principles of Project Management 3 hrs.
MGT 622 Management of Technical Professionals 3 hrs.
MGT 629 Leadership: Theory and Practice 3 hrs.