Certificate in Supply Chain Management

supply chain

Offered at night to accommodate working professionals, the Supply Chain Management Certificate prepares graduates to manage the procurement, scheduling, movement and storage of all materials, supplies, inventories, and finished goods from the point of origin to the point of use or consumption.  Topics include operations management, information technology, design and management of supply chain systems, transportation & logistics, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and supply chain strategy.

Because it is a graduate program, some of the credit hours earned in the supply chain management program can also be applied toward a master's degree.


For additional information about the Supply Chain Management Certificate program at the UAH College of Business Administration, please call or contact:

Jennifer Pettitt
Phone: 256.824.6681


Supply Chain Management Courses

Core (15 Hours)


Course Number Title Semester Hours
MSC 600 Operations Management 3 hrs.
MGT 611 Supply Chain Management 3 hrs.
IS 522 Supply Chain Management Systems 3 hrs.
IS 634 Management of Information Technology 3 hrs.
MGT 693 Supply Chain Strategy 3 hrs.

1 Elective (3 Hours)

Course Number Title Semester Hours
IS 500 Business Intelligence Systems 3 hrs.
MSC 510 Transportation and Logistics 3 hrs.
IS 680 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems 3 hrs.