Certificate in Federal Contracting and Procurement Management

federal contracting

Offered at night to accommodate working professionals, the Federal Contracting & Procurement Management Certificate prepares graduates for careers negotiating and managing federal procurement contracts.  Topics include contract management, contract evaluation & award, pricing and cost analysis, government contract law, and, for qualified students,  government contract accounting.

Because it is a graduate program, some of the credit hours earned in the federal contracting & procurement management program can also be applied toward a master's degree.


For additional information about the Federal Contracting & Procurement Management Certificate program at the UAH College of Business Administration, please call or contact:

Jennifer Pettitt
Phone: 256.824.6681


Federal Contracting and Procurement Management Courses

Core (12 Hours)

Course Number Title Semester Hours
MGT 501 Introduction to Contract Management 3 hrs.
MGT 502 Contract Evaluation and Award 3 hrs.
MGT 503 Contract Pricing and Cost Analysis 3 hrs.
BLS 506 Government Contract Law 3 hrs.

2 Electives (6 Hours)

Course Number Title Semester Hours
MGT 611 Supply Chain Management 3 hrs.
MSC 510 Transportation and Logistics 3 hrs.
IS 522 Supply Chain Management Systems 3 hrs.
ACC 540 Basic Government Contract Accounting 3 hrs.