Master Degree Admissions

Master Degree Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to the Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master of Accountancy (MAcc), MS in Information Systems (MS-IS) or MS in Information Assurance & Security (MS-IAS) programs, domestic applicants must submit the following:

  • A UAH Graduate Application
  • An official undergraduate transcript
  • A GMAT score* (Note: The College of Business Administration allows for the GRE as a substitute for the GMAT when applicants have previously taken the GRE.)
  • And be interviewed by the Director of Graduate Programs for the College of Business

* To qualify for a GMAT waiver, an applicant must meet one of the following conditions:

  • possess a master's degree from a program having either ABET or AACSB accreditation
  • possess an undergraduate degree from a university with either ABET or AACSB accredited programs, have an undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.00, and have at least ten years of significant professional work experience since the completion of his/her undergraduate degree

Admission is determined by evaluating these three items as well as the applicant's undergraduate degree program, quantitative skills, written and oral communication skills, and work experience. To be considered, applicants should have a minimum GMAT score of 500 and equivalent to a 3.0/4.0 U.S. undergraduate GPA. While full time work experience is not an admission requirement, more than 90% of our graduate students have, on average, more than 5 years of experience.

International Graduate Students

Additional application requirements In order to be considered for admission to the Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master of Accountancy (MAcc), MS in Information Systems (MS-IS) or MS in Information Assurance & Security (MS-IAS) programs, international applicants must submit the following items in addition to the requirements above for domestic students:

  1. If you are an international student whose bachelor's degree was earned from a foreign country, and your transcripts are not set up on the United States format, and you are applying to any of our graduate Business programs, you must have a course-by-course evaluation done on your transcripts. You must have your transcripts evaluated, and the agency you choose must send the official evaluation directly to the UAH Office of Graduate Admissions before your application materials are sent to the College of Business Administration for review for admission. UAH only recognizes the three evaluation agencies listed below:
  2. International applicants whose native language is not English must take either the TOEFL exam or the IELTS exam. International applicants possessing an undergraduate or graduate degree from a U.S. university are exempted from the TOEFL or IELTS. The score requirements are listed below.


    • Paper-based:  550
    • Computer-based: 214
    • TOEFL Internet-based: minimum Total Score of 80 out of highest score possible of 120


    • minimum of 6.5

    If your scores do not meet the minimum requirements, you may be eligible for acceptance into the UAH Intensive Language and Culture Program (ILC). Please email the ILC Director at for information regarding the ILC.

  3. International students must provide a certified financial statement as evidence of sufficient finances to cover fees and personal expenses while attending UAH. The completed affidavit must be submitted along with a bank letter from your or your sponsor's bank indicating that the amount of funds in the account will cover the estimated annual cost for international graduate students.

Non-Degree Seeking Graduate Students

Applicants with undergraduate GPA's greater than 3.00 may be approved to enroll in up to 12 semester hours under the graduate non-degree status. This does not guarantee admission into any degree program. In order to qualify for admissions into a specific degree program the application steps above are still required. To apply as a graduate non-degree seeking student, complete the non-degree application and return to the Graduate Director in BAB 102 for course suggestions and approval.

Joint Undergrad Master's Program (JUMP)

Undergraduate students at UAH with GPA's of at least 3.0 may apply to the JUMP program and, if admitted, would be allowed to double count no more than four courses towards both their undergraduate and graduate degrees. For additional information contact the Graduate Director. in the College of Business Administration. To apply to JUMP visit the JUMP Admissions.

Application Deadlines

The deadline for submission of a complete application (including official transcripts, test scores, and in the case of international students, financial documents) is below:

Spring Semester

  • Nov. 30 (U.S. applicants and Permanent Residents)
  • Sept.1 (International- if currently outside the United States)
  • Oct.15 (International- if currently inside the United States)

Summer Semester

  • May 6 (U.S. applicants and Permanent Residents)
  • Feb.1 (International- if currently outside the United States)
  • March 15 (International- if currently inside the United States)

Fall Semester

  • July 15 (U.S. applicants and Permanent Residents)
  • April 1 (International- if currently outside the United States)
  • June 1 (International- if currently inside the United States)